Bewitching Prince Chapter 362-364

Chapter 362-364

Hey y’all! Sorry for the lateness!

Qidian is rapidly expanding into lady novels now, and I was told by a fellow translator that they don’t msg you before starting to translate the novel. Anyways, I’m pretty attached to my translations so I ended up making the first move and contacting them. What I’m hopefully planning to do is to sell my chapters to them, then see if they can find a translator to pick it up (since I don’t want to leave this dropped). If they don’t have anyone to translate this, I’ll translate this as a side project, 5-6 chapters a week, and see if I can negotiate dual hosting on both here and Qidian. If I do get this picked up by Qidian, I’ll translate WOF as my main project :).

I’ll keep you all updated! I’m just waiting for Qidian to return back with a reply for now :).

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    • Haha well, they are but they are also the original owners. If we look at it with an extreme eye, you can even consider us translators as infringing on their copyrights!

  • All the best, just…don’t drop us please!!!
    Thanx for 3 new chapters!! So exiting to read how she plans to handle that bastard trio.

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