Beauty is Fat, Fat is Beauty Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — The Fatty and Mr. Trendy

Li Yuanyuan was scolded by the drama club’s president with a torrent of abuse because she couldn’t get into character while acting. Unable to figure it out, during rehearsal, she suddenly jumped off the theater stage onto the floor.

The person was fine, but the floor now had a hole smashed into it.

When she woke up in the school infirmary, Li Yuanyuan heard these details from her classmate.


The pony-tailed classmate sat beside her scolding her. Li Yuanyuan also felt she was such a wimp. If she wanted to jump, she should have jumped onto that president, and smashed him into pieces. However, it seemed that now was not the time to think about such things.

Li Yuanyuan looked at the girl beside her who scolded her for being a wimp while also starting to scold the president for being crazy. She was very clear that she did not know that girl, yet her mind was able to bring up the girl’s name – Zhou Qing.

Li Yuanyuan’s thoughts couldn’t help but float away.

She remembered, she had fallen off that cliff!

And her imperial guard had fallen with her, but now….

As soon as she woke up she found herself in this unfamiliar place, and a fragment of a memory that wasn’t hers still seemed to reside in her mind. This body also wasn’t very similar to the one she had before, and even more strangely….

This body’s original host was also called Li Yuanyuan.

Li Yuanyuan was extremely confused. No matter how hard she thought about it, she was unable to come to a conclusion.

Then, at this moment, the door to the infirmary was pulled open once again, and a boy was carried in. He appeared to have injured his head, and kept holding his head, seemingly deeply in pain and yet also pondering over some matter with great effort.

“Yan Sicheng, don’t you scare me. It was only three f***ing steps up the stairs, how were you able to injure yourself so badly?”

The boy carrying Yan Sicheng looked to be very anxious. Just as he put Yan Sicheng on the bed, he suddenly heard the girl on the bed next to them call out lightly, “Sicheng?” Her voice carried three parts confusion, three parts restlessness, and even more of an inquiry.

Hearing this unfamiliar voice call out his name with a familiar tone, Yan Sicheng abruptly shot open his eyes. In that second, his eyes seemed to emit a brightness. He turned his head, eyes locking in a gaze with the girl on the bed nearby.

Both people were stunned.

Li Yuanyuan looked up and down at the way Yan Sicheng was dressed. His hair flew upwards, as if it were fixed in place with lard and wouldn’t dishevel no matter how he moved around. Bright red clothes exposed more than half of his arms, and symbols that she couldn’t understand were written over his stomach. His light blue pants were rolled up at the edges, and he wore bright yellow shoes that almost blinded one’s eyes with their brightness. A small part of his ankles were exposed between his pants and his shoes, and there were even a few hairs on his ankles that couldn’t be said to be thick or thin.

“Si…cheng?” Li Yuanyuan couldn’t be sure and called out his name again.

Yan Sicheng didn’t reply, and the reason for his shock was then rudely shouted out by the boy close to his side.

“Who’s this fatty?”

Sitting beside Li Yuanyuan, Zhou Qing’s temper flared up and she immediately stood up, slapping the hospital bed, “What did you say!”

That boy was not to be outdone, “Ha! She’s clearly fat so why stop me from saying it!”

Zhou Qing raised her eyebrows: “Do you understand what respect is!”

The two of them glared at each other, breathing heavily as they started quarreling, you say a word and I say a word.

With these highly spirited voices in the background, Yan Sicheng’s “Your Highness” seemed to lack any sort of presence, but Li Yuanyuan still heard it, so she nodded her head, “It’s me, Qian Ning.”

Qian Ning was Li Yuanyuan’s courtesy name, and the number of people who knew it could be counted on one hand. Yan Sicheng was one of them.

Yan Sicheng was even more silent after hearing this. Especially when the two people beside them were arguing in full swing with faces flushed with anger, their silence seemed exceedingly strange.

He hadn’t thought…he had originally believed that there was no chance of survival in that chaotic situation on the cliff. As a result, however, they were reborn and now met each other by chance in the midst of this commotion…life truly defies human speculation.

Yan Sicheng abruptly dropped down. The boy beside him supporting him was in the middle of arguing to his heart’s content, and didn’t notice immediately. By the time he turned around and realized, Yan Sicheng had already knelt down on both knees, touching his head to the ground, “This subordinate failed to protect Your Highness, requesting Your Highness to punish.”

The two arguing to the side were at once dumbfounded, and stared at him with their mouths open in shock.

His voice was very low, and the two people were both unable to hear his words from a moment ago clearly, but his actions were already enough to stun them.

Zhou Qing fell back a step, “What…what the heck are you doing, paying respects?”

The boy at Yan Sicheng’s side was also quite alarmed, and he immediately squatted down to support Yan Sicheng by the arm, “Yan Sicheng, are you trying to scare me! It can’t be that you really got brain damage from the fall?”

Yan Sicheng still kneeled on the floor as before, not shifting in the slightest. Only Li Yuanyuan seemed to be used to this, indifferently commanding, “Rise.”

Zhou Qing looked at Li Yuanyuan in even greater shock, having second thoughts in her heart. When did this girl become so unflappable…such a big guy suddenly kneeled in front of her and yet she didn’t bat an eyelid as she told him to…


What was she pretending to be…

And the most shocking thing was, Yan Sicheng really did get up after hearing this. Standing quietly with his head lowered, he seemed to be unable to feel that wound on his forehead that was still dripping blood, not even bothering to wipe it.

For a time, the two spectators were shocked to the point of not knowing what would be best to say.

The room to the door was opened, and the school infirmary’s doctor walked in lazily, “Student, come, let’s wrap up your wound, okay.”

Yan Sicheng’s head was wrapped in bandages. The school doctor walked out lazily again. The boy was not reassured and glanced at Yan Sicheng twice, then gave his phone a look, “Hey, I’ve still got classes in the afternoon so I have to go, are you sure you’ll be okay?”

Yan Sicheng nodded. The boy finally left the infirmary, turning his head back three times for every step he took. Not long after, something in Zhou Qing’s bag started ringing. She talked into a black rectangle, and at the end, yelled, “I’m going, that old witch is taking roll call again!”

She hurriedly put away her phone and lifted her bag, patting Li Yuanyuan’s leg, “I’m going ahead to class, wait for me to pick you up afterwards!”

Li Yuanyuan, too, obediently nodded her head.

When the room quieted down, only the two of them were left. Yan Sicheng stood up once more, standing respectfully by the side of Li Yuanyuan’s bed as she contemplated. He then heard Li Yuanyuan ask, “Does Sicheng know where we are?”

Yan Sicheng shook his head, “Your subordinate does not know.”

Li Yuanyuan was silent for a while, “Sicheng, fetch me a bronze mirror.”

Yan Sicheng was taken aback. Although he had some misgivings in his heart, he subconsciously concealed his doubts, and immediately went to carry out the order.


Translator: Murcott

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