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Chapter 69

Regardless of how twisted up Yan Wenhua was inside, he still spoke a few more polite words before saying his farewells. By the time he left the house, it had already turned dark. The cold wind blowing outside was freezing and the pain it brought with it reached bone-deep. It was like the difference between heaven and earth from the warmth inside the house.

Sister Lian shivered and shrank into her overcoat. Yang Wenhua looked at her with regret and thought of their son at home. Suddenly, his feeling of loss lessened a lot, and he calmed down, feeling that there was nothing wrong in taking refuge with Xiao Sa. That feeling of loss would exist, but so what? His position as boss had always been more in name than in reality, and there could not be any gains without losses. At this point, it was fine to give up his position. At least, by relying on Xiao Sa, he would be able to provide a good living environment for his wife and son.

Yang Wenhua was very resolute and efficient when he did things. After he had made up his mind, he did not delay when he returned. Back then, he had called together a group of trusted followers. After testing them out and screening through them again and again, he selected a dozen people. This time, he had learned how to do things, going for quality and not quantity. If he was even the tiniest bit uncertain about anyone, he would set them aside.

He packed up that night and brought his trusted subordinates, wife, son, and supplies with him to the door of Xiao Sa’s temporary residence by noon the next day.

Bai Jing had just woken up at that time, and was stunned when he saw them. He had not expected that they would be so fast. He didn’t know what kind of thoughts came up in his heart, but he was suddenly in a happy mood, and even gave Yang Wenhua a rare positive expression before blinking innocently at Xiao Sa.

Yang Wenhua was overwhelmed by the unexpected favour. This young master was really exactly as his wife had said –– temperamental…

Xiao Sa’s lips were slightly raised. How could he not understand Bai Jing’s thoughts? Now that Yang Wenhua has joined them, Liu Wanfa’s side was certainly going to be chaotic. Although they still did not have many people in their team, as long as there was no current threat from other humans, this was now the most opportune time for them to take over and occupy the base!

After arranging places for Yang Wenhua and his group, during lunch, Xiao Sa made the declaration: “Three days. In three days, we will go and occupy the prison. You should all spend this time recuperating and building up your strength for me, and make all your preparations.”

Everyone cheered after they heard this, and Yang Wenhua was shocked. He had arrived at Pingyuan County before them, and had also had the intention to take over the prison. After sacrificing twenty odd brothers, they had still been unable to enter. When he heard Xiao Sa’s words, his heart was full of joy, anxiousness and worry, and his feelings were all mixed up. He really wanted Xiao Sa to take down the base, but he was also afraid. There were thousands, if not ten thousand zombies in the prison. How could it be so easy to deal with?

Surprise flashed across Leng Han’s face, but then he relaxed. He had also seen the situation inside the prison yesterday. Although it had been dangerous at the time, he noticed that Xiao Sa did not seem to take it seriously. Seeing that everyone was cheering, he believed that since Xiao Sa could lay down such words, he would definitely have his own trump card to play.

The group of seven and Chen Dawei also unconsciously let go of the tension in their hearts amongst this atmosphere of joy. They were not the decision makers, and did not need to think too much. Anyway, Chen Dawei firmly believed that as long as they obeyed orders, a good man like Young Master Bai would not send them to their deaths. In order to build their own base and provide the children a peaceful environment, even if it was exchanged for with their lives, it was worth it…

If Bai Jing knew what he thought, he would surely roll his eyes. It was the first time he’d heard anyone praise him for being good. Instead of being happy, he felt very depressed, and felt very disgraceful. Being given the good person card was the thing he found the most annoying!

For three days in a row, they originally thought that Liu Wanfa would come to make trouble, but in the end, nothing happened. Xiao Sa considered it for a while, and did not pay too much attention to it, only ordering everyone to take some precautions. If someone really dared to come over and attack them, regardless of the reason, he would not let any of them off.

That night, Bai Jing quietly came to Xiao Sa’s room. He knew that Xiao Sa was worried about him and certainly would not let him do dangerous things, but it was different this time. If there was a simpler way, he did not agree with having everyone taking risks. They should save their strength to deal with people who had evil designs instead.

Seeing his lover’s furtive movements, Xiao Sa felt very helpless. He was naturally clear about Bai Jing’s thoughts, and he knew that from a rational perspective, he should agree, but emotionally, he did not want to agree at all.

“You’re looking down on me.” Bai Jing looked wronged as he blinked at him, acting spoiled as soon as he came in.

Xiao Sa kept silent, feeling a headache coming on. Heaven knows that he really had no resistance to Bai Jing. He became soft-hearted just seeing him like this – how could he bear to refuse his request? Only, no matter how important the matter was, it was related to Bai Jing’s safety, and he really could not let it go. After having almost lost him once, he did not want to have to suffer this kind of pain again.

Bai Jing saw that acting spoiled was ineffective, and his expression changed quickly. If the soft approach didn’t work, then he would have to do it the hard way. His gaze flickered with determination as he threatened, “If you don’t agree, I’ll go by myself. You’ll only hear the good news tomorrow.”

Xiao Sa felt like he was being suffocated. He would certainly ignore it if anyone else said these words to him, but he believed that Little Jing would definitely do what he said he would. “No.”

Bai Jing was depressed, and he spread his hands, his appearance very casual. “Well, you tell me how to do this, then? In any case, I don’t care. Liu Wanfa is waiting for an opportunity to take the prize while we’re fighting, and we still need to tidy them up after taking over the prison. We have to defend, build, and manage the base with only a few dozen people. There’s already too much to do; there’s no need to waste time unnecessarily.”

Xiao Sa sighed, hugged him around the waist, and clarified, “I’ve budgeted for it to take at most five days to take over the prison, and divided the killing and clearing into several parts. Listen to me, and don’t make me worry, okay?”

Bai Jing’s face shifted into a glare, and he slapped away his hand. He was really puzzled, “I can teleport, and I can hide in the space. The zombies won’t discover me. What exactly are you worried about?”

Xiao Sa smiled bitterly as he faced his beloved. Even though he knew Bai Jing had the ability to protect himself, how could he relax when he was out of his sight? This is a common problem for men. He wanted to change it, but when he thought of how his lover wanted to learn from others and lead the zombies around, his heart unconsciously seized up. This made him feel very powerless – he wanted to shield Little Jing from the wind and rain. He did not want Little Jing to be taking risks for himself, and for everyone.

Bai Jing a little distressed seeing his expression turn complex and indecipherable, but he was even more clear that if they wanted to be stay together for a long, long time, they had to adapt to each other. He wanted to stand side by side with Xiao Sa instead of just being the one under his wing. In the long run, there would definitely be conflicts. He knew that Xiao Sa loved him, and wanted to protect him, but he had never been satisfied with just that.

“Believe in me, okay? Just like how you believe in yourself. Your lover is not a weak person.”

Looking at Bai Jing’s expectant eyes, as well as seeing the unshakeable determination hidden in his gaze, Xiao Sa suddenly panicked. In this moment, Little Jing looked like a bird who was fantasizing about flying, and he was the ruthless executioner, forcefully breaking his lover’s wings.

Xiao Sa was silent for a long time, so long that Bai Jing thought that he would refuse again. “Okay!”

“What did you say?” Bai Jing’s eyes brightened, and he swallowed back the words he prepared in his mind. He thought he would have to spend more time persuading him, but Xiao Sa unexpectedly agreed.

“I said okay!” Xiao Sa let out a breath, saw the bright, smiling face in front of him, and found that it was not so difficult to grant Bai Jing’s request. He paused and said, “I want to go with you.”

“How is that possible?” Bai Jing immediately exploded and refused without thinking about it.

Xiao Sa chuckled. His lover was really so similar to him. In fact, they were both worried about each other. He gently embraced the person in front of him, his deep voice carrying traces of his hidden joy, “Since you want to act alone, I’ll be there to stand guard on the side.”

“But you can’t teleport. How is that the same as me?” Bai Jing was dissatisfied. Xiao Sa was clearly obstructing him deliberately, making him happy for nothing.

Xiao Sa frowned. This was really a problem. After thinking about it for a while, he spoke firmly, “I’ll wait for you outside. Ten minutes. If you don’t come out in ten minutes, I’ll go in.”

“How could ten minutes be enough? You’re threatening me.” As soon as Bai Jing thought about it, he immediately realized that Xiao Sa was pressuring him with his own safety.

Xiao Sa gave Bai Jing a calm glance, and refused to budge at all. He had already compromised too much today, and was not willing to give any more leeway. He spoke in a way that brokered no refusal, “This is my bottom line. You can do as you see fit.”

Bai Jing pouted and began to bargain: “Half an hour. I need half an hour.”

Xiao Sa was afraid that he would be soft-hearted again, so he simply turned away and did not look at him before retorting, “When I said no, I meant it. Ten minutes.”

Bai Jing was both anxious and delighted. It was really fun when Xiao Sa was uncomfortable. He hurried to tug on his sleeve, and shook his hand slightly, “How about this? Twenty-five minutes. Ten minutes is really not enough. The prison is too big, and I won’t be able to run through it.”

Xiao Sa became furious at this. His expression turned dark, and he started to regret it. He unconsciously raised his voice, and the sound of grinding teeth could clearly be heard. “You want to run through the entire prison?”

Bai Jing stared blankly. “How will I lead the zombies out if I don’t run through the whole thing?”

Xiao Sa had just forced himself to calm down. Hearing this, he stiffened again and firmly refused. “No way. It’s better if you just don’t go. I’m not convinced.”

Bai Jing wailed: “I was wrong. How about twenty minutes? I’ll definitely be careful.”

The two chattered back and forth for a while. Bai Jing sent over a good many kisses, and by the time Xiao Sa finally compromised, it was already three in the morning. He had only managed to turn those ten minutes into twenty minutes, and not one second more.

Bai Jing let out a relieved breath. He had never discovered before that Xiao Sa could be so difficult. In reality, he was completely able to make decisions for himself, but when he thought about Xiao Sa’s worried gaze and how he had treated him with the utmost care recently, his heart began to throb. He knew that Xiao Sa must have been badly frightened by his coma last time. Although he did not mention it again afterwards, he still treated him like a porcelain doll. Faced with such strong love, how could he do just do as he wished?

That night, Xiao Sa brought out the map of the prison and had Bai Jing carefully memorize it. At four o’clock in the morning, without anyone knowing about it, while everyone was still nervous and hesitant, preparing to have a great battle the next day, the two of them snuck out and stopped at a location 500 meters away from the prison gates.

Xiao Sa stood still with arms strapped all over his body, surrounded by copious amounts of metal, and said, “I’ll wait for you here.”

Bai Jing nodded, looking back to give him a gentle smile. “Well, wait for my good news.”

“Twenty minutes.” Xiao Sa spoke coldly. His already cold face  turned even more stern. If Little Jing dared to let something happen to him, even if he died, he would still go and pull him back.

“Don’t worry, Boss Xiao. You have to believe that your lover is actually very powerful.” Bai Jing blinked at him, then kissed him on his cold mouth and lightly said, “Wait for me.” And then instantly disappeared without leaving a trace.

The cold wind whistled through the air, and the snow drifted as it fell. In the pitch-black night, there was no light to be seen anywhere. Standing alone in the snow, Xiao Sa had never felt that time could pass by so slowly. The anxiety in his heart blanketed the chill of the weather, and the supposedly short twenty minutes seemed to never reach its end.

When Bai Jing entered the prison, he first went to the factory where there were the fewest people. It was very quiet inside, quiet to the point where he could hear the sounds of his own breathing.

Knowing that the time was pressing, Bai Jing would not be stupid enough to use his body to attract the zombies the way the others had. He directly brought out a live chicken from his space and casually threw it up into the air. A space blade sliced over, and chicken blood sprayed out everywhere. A faint smell of blood diffused through the air, and the surrounding zombies began to stir. Bai Jing did not dare to stay for long. As soon as he saw that the zombies were waking up, he quickly teleported outside the door and then threw out another chicken, sprinkling the ground with blood. Step by step, he led the zombies out of the building, and then headed towards the next place.

Bai Jing easily and leisurely accomplished a matter that others thought was very difficult, but his heart was really hurting – those chickens were all coming out of his rations!

With a time limit of 20 minutes, Bai Jing rapidly ran all over the prison. Out of fear that the zombies would not do as he wanted, he ruthlessly killed three sheep in a row at the prison gates before letting out a few loud gunshots and opened the prison’s iron door as far as he could. After doing all this, he finally teleported to Xiao Sa’s side and looked at the time. It was precisely 19 minutes.

Xiao Sa had waited anxiously, and when he saw Bai Jing appear, the huge stone in his heart finally landed. After seeing that he was completely intact, and even carrying a proud expression on his face, basically asking for praise, he did not know whether to be angry or to laugh. He had really wanted to rush in just now, especially when he heard the gunshots.

Before the two of them could speak, the zombies poured out of the prison gates like a tide. The deep snow had little effect on them. Smelling the scent of food, they immediately rushed towards the place where they were standing.

“You leave first – wait for me in the distance. I’ll be there in a second.” Bai Jing quickly turned his head towards Xiao Sa.

Xiao Sa nodded, gave Bai Jing a deep look, but did not say anything unnecessary, silently turning to leave. He knew that he would just be in the way if he stayed behind. For the first time, he hated his own ability. If he could move quickly, he could work with Little Jing instead of only being able to watch on from the side.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” Huge noises rang out, followed by bursts of dazzling light, instantly illuminating the entire sky.

A heat wave hit, and Xiao Sa’s arms suddenly warmed up as they were filled up by a somewhat sorry figure. Although they said ‘first time strangers, second time friends’, that thing was too powerful, which made it really difficult to use.

“Were you hurt?” After carefully examining Bai Jing, Xiao Jing finally held the person tightly, and gently wiped his cheek with one hand. His expression was attentive and gentle.

Bai Jing shook his head, his lips carrying a smile. He really enjoyed Xiao Sa’s treatment of him. “You can let them know now.” He believed that today’s move would surely shock everyone.

“You!” Xiao Sa was very powerless. He nodded once, understanding Little Jing’s idea. With this display of power, they should be able to cement Leng Han and Yang Wenhua’s decision to stay on their side.

He sighed lightly. Although Xiao Sa was excited, he also felt frustrated. Between him and Little Jing, he suddenly found that he seemed to be the one being protected.

“Are you angry?” Bai Jing was very sensitive to him, and perceived that Xiao Sa seemed to be in low spirits.

“No.” Xiao Sa smiled faintly, and had an unprecedented desire to grow stronger as soon as possible. He had to become more powerful so that he could become someone Little Jing could rely on, unlike today, where he could not participate in any thing, and could only look on as his lover took risks.

“You’re lying.” How could any of Xiao Sa’s sentiments be hidden from his eyes? Bai Jing’s heart was slightly moved, and laughed lightly. “We are lovers, but I can protect myself. When you fight in front of me, you don’t need to worry about me. I think that the best way to show my love is to not let myself get hurt. Relax, I very much value my life and won’t do anything I’m not certain about. I just want you to know that your lover is not some young master that must be coddled at home.”

“You said you love me.” Xiao Sa quickly caught on to those words, and there was no hint of his low spirits.

Bai Jing blushed and turned his head away, refusing to look at him. If he didn’t love him, why would he let him take advantage of him everywhere…

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

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