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Chapter 68

Bai Jing, on the other hand, ignored their thoughts and pondered for a while. He felt that it was still better to wait until Xiao Sa returned to discuss it. As for how to deal with it, if there was no other option, they would just fight it out. So what if they had a lot of people? Without strength, that counted for nothing.

Following that, Bai Jing asked Chen Dawei to help them find a place to live. If someone was willing to help him, he would naturally make use of it so that he didn’t need to run around.

Chen Dawei hesitated a little, clarified Bai Jing’s request, and then suggested a pretty good place. There were some newly built two-storey houses that were linked together in the development zone. It was originally built by the government so that the original residents of the area could move in, but unexpectedly, chaotic times came. If they wanted to live there, they would need a space ability user to move some furniture over.

Bai Jing was delighted. Furniture was just a trifle to him. He asked Chen Dawei to bring him over to take a look. If the environment there was good, then they could all move in. After all, they were all his people, and he should take care of them.

After they went out, Chen Dawei’s reaction was the same as everyone else’s, staring blankly at the sledge cars. Their destination was not far from where they were, but it was mainly covered by snow, so nobody else had ever discovered it.

After tidying up a little, the houses soon showed their original shape. It was a row of brand new houses, and although they were empty inside, Bai Jing found them very clean. He was satisfied, and since there were no zombies at present, living in such a place would not attract anyone’s attention.

But his good mood did not last long. A group of people riding on snowboards came from afar, their greedy eyes containing a hidden intent to plunder. They looked at them as though they had seen some fat sheep, and their eyes showed a burning light.

Chen Dawei’s expression was ugly. He stared at the newcomers, his firm face tense, and warned, “They are all ability users. They joined the forces that came later on, and they have guns on hand.”

Bai Jing raised his eyebrows and glanced at Chen Dawei. This man was not bad. He was observant and responsible – he had really made a profit accepting him as a subordinate.  observant and responsible. He spoke calmly, “They bullied you before?”

The light in Chen Dawei’s eyes faded. He pressed his lips together tightly and was silent for a long time before saying, “It is I who was useless.”

Bai Jing smiled, and didn’t seem to mind at all. “Enough. Cao Lei said you’re a big man, so don’t belittle yourself unnecessarily. Just follow me in the future. I believe in Cao Lei’s judgement, so I also trust you guys. Don’t let me down.” The law of the jungle prevailed after the apocalypse. Since they were bringing along a group of children, it was inevitable that they would be bullied. Saying such things now served to give Cao Lei some face, but it would also win over the hearts and minds of these people.

Chen Dawei’s face changed for the better after listening to these words. Although he already had a speculation in his heart, he was relieved to hear Bai Jing speak it out loud.

They had just finished speaking when that group of people drew near. Compared to their team of four, their group of over twenty people indeed seemed like a huge crowd.

“Yo, who is this? Why didn’t you shrink your head like a turtle today? I thought you guys had already drilled a hole underground.” One of the men laughed rampantly, and the group of people behind him laughed along loudly.

Bai Jing was very unhappy. Since he had said he would protect others, he naturally would not allow others to bully them. An evil light glinted across his eyes. They had come at just the right time; he wanted to give a demonstration, and someone had willingly offered themselves up. He had just been worrying over how they had no way to investigate Yan Wenhua’s strength – how could he let go of such a good opportunity?

The young man on the other side showed a fierce expression, and he looked at them as though they were lambs waiting to be slaughtered. He harshly spat out cruel words: “Be sensible and hand over your things. We don’t want to have to go rough on you. Say, who is a space ability user?”

Bai Jing’s eyes darkened. “Are you Yang Wenhua’s people?”

“Brother Wen’s name is not something you can say. Hurry up, hand over your things, otherwise Lao Tzu will have you eat my gun.”

Bai Jing was not angry after hearing these words. He smiled lightly, expressing a great deal of generosity as he spoke, his tone incredibly mild, “Since you are Yang Wenhua’s people, quickly go back. I don’t want to conflict right now.”

Wang Xuebing weakly pressed his hand against his forehead. He had a bad feeling in his heart – when was their young master ever reasonable? Chen Dawei on the other hand started to feel guilty. If it hadn’t been for him, they would not encounter these people. He did not know how strong Bai Jing and Cao Lei were, he only knew that they were outnumbered.

Cao Lei seemed to be deep in thought, but he was secretly on alert. The gun in his coat was already in his hands, and he was standing by Wang Xuebing’s side, ready to enter a protective state at any time.

“Hahaha, did you hear that? He told us to go back.” The men jeered and laughed wildly.

Their laughter was followed by a sharp remark, “Who does he think he is?”

Some people looked Bai Jing up and down, and leered, “This kid is really not bad looking. His skin is fine, and his flesh is tender. Brother Liu will definitely like it. Let’s bring him…”

Even before his words were finished, Bai Jing’s face turned violent, and the killing intent from his body surged out. Blood sprayed out as a space blade sliced out against the man’s throat, and the white, snow-covered ground was instantly dyed red.

“Leave one person alive to report back, and kill the rest.” Bai Jing’s voice was extremely indifferent, his tone cold and ruthless. It seemed to land on people’s bodies like heavy stones, and they could not help but tremble when they heard it.

As soon as his voice fell, a few bullets shot out even before the people on the other side had time to react. Seeing that Chen Dawei was in a daze, Bai Jing casually threw a gun over to him. The few of them were practiced with firearms, and could not be compared to these half-baked attackers with newly developed abilities. Wang Xuebing erected a huge earth wall, and Cao Lei was expressionless as he took down a person with every shot. In the blink of an eye, there was only one living person left on the field.

“Forgive me, I give up! It’s none of my business. I only do what I’m told.” The man shivered with terror, and a wet stain could be seen beneath his pants.

Bai Jing looked at him in disgust, then noticed that Cao Lei was waiting for him to speak. He calmly ordered, “Keep him alive.” Otherwise, how could anyone bring back the news and tip them off? Today’s incident could also be considered as an example. He had been kind enough to try and persuade them, but nobody listened. He had no other choice, since he also had to keep his word. Next, they would wait to see what kind of reaction Yan Wenhua had.

“Tell your boss that these people were killed by me, Bai Jing. He must take responsibility for what happened today.”

The person begging for mercy was shocked silly. He had not yet recovered from the surprise of escaping with his life, and was stunned again by this bombshell. What was this current situation? What were their origins? To even ask Brother Wen for an accounting. He now secretly regretted their actions. If they had known things would turn out like this, they would never have targeted them. It was bad enough that people were dead, but although it would be difficult to explain away after he went back, at the end of the day they had been wrong first, and there was nothing that could be said about the fact that their skills were inferior to others.

“Get lost.” Cao Lei grunted coldly and kicked the man with a foot. Although he did not get along with Chen Dawei, he was still angered when he saw his old war comrade being bullied.

Bai Jing did not spare the dead bodies on the ground a glance, and lightly ordered, “Burn them.” Then, he began to distribute tasks, having them clean the house and bring over the people from the courtyard they had been in before.

After the battle just now, Bai Jing observed Chen Dawei’s expression, and was very satisfied. He had been willing to accept the fact that they had killed without mercy, and did not ask for any justifications. He must have suffered a lot these days. From Wang Xuebing’s expression, it could be inferred that Chen Dawei had once been a hot-blooded man, but now he had also become someone who could kill without blinking. Their gazes met as they looked at each other, but nobody asked anything. In the world they lived in nowadays, there was no need to say too much!

After cleaning the house, Bai Jing had Wang Xuebing turn on the electricity, and then pretended to search through the nearby area. Beds, quilts, electric heaters, kitchen utensils, and daily necessities all showed up, and nothing was lacking. After dealing with his task, he turned on the walkie-talkie and connected to Xiao Sa’s side, telling him what had happened today.

After listening, Xiao Sa also told him about what had occurred on their side. It was quite coincidental – he had also learned about Yang Wenhua’s story from other people, and had also encountered robbers. Only, they had been implicated unfairly as they just happened to meet a group of seven people who had been surrounded. They originally had no intention of meddling, but who could’ve guessed that this group of people would come looking for trouble, turning their guns on them as soon as they saw them and demanding that they hand over their things? The results were very predictable: Xiao Sa annihilated them all, and then he learned from the seven-member group that the assailants were also under Yang Wenhua’s banner.

In Bai Jing’s heart, he scorned Xiao Sa for previously speaking highly of Yang Wenhua. In his opinion, Yang Wenhua was just a mobster. His personal evaluation of Yang Wenhua continuously dropped by several grades – it was better if they didn’t even acknowledge such a person. Even if he joined, he would not be able to rest assured.

Before it turned dark, Xiao Sa returned from their trip outside. Bai Jing briefly introduced Chen Dawei and the others. After greeting each other, Xiao Sa pointed to the group of seven people behind him, who could be considered external helpers for the time being. Both of them had gained a lot from their trips.

It so happened that Chen Dawei and the group of seven also knew each other. In a short time, the group of people got together and settled into the warm house, and the sound of laughter was plentiful.

Following that, Xiao Sa began to share the results of Yu Yue’s explorations. At this point in time, there were many zombies in the prison. They all appeared on the surface to be in a rigid, unmoving state similar to hibernation. He arranged for someone to go over and test it out, and they did not expect that just the slightest movement would cause the zombie to suddenly wake up, its movements quick and fierce. It was clearly only a level zero zombie, but it had the same agility and speed as a level one zombie. Fortunately, they had run quickly. If a large crowd of zombies had suddenly appeared, they didn’t know what kind of trouble they would be in now.

Bai Jing was silent. Even rabbits would bite when they were hungry. The zombies hadn’t eaten for so long, it could be imagined how high their hunger level was. Perhaps this was why nobody occupied the prison – they couldn’t beat the zombies, and had no other way.

Bai Jing had always liked to be the person giving orders without having to do anything himself. He immediately handed all these matters over to Xiao Sa to deal with. In any case, they were already clear about the situation around them, and had already provoked trouble. Now, they only needed to wait for Yan Wenhua’s response. He decided that if there was no news within three days, he would simply kill his way over to find them. Things that required him to use his brain to deal with were too troublesome, and he disliked having things drag on outside. The base was clearly in front of them. They could see it, but could not go in. This feeling of being under threat from all sides was very uncomfortable.

Only, he had not thought that right after everyone had eaten, Yang Wenhua would drive a sledge car and come over with Sister Lian. After entering their house, he took the initiative to bow his head and apologize as soon as he saw Xiao Sa and Bai Jing. “I am truly sorry about today. I hope that Boss Xiao and Young Master Bai can forgive us. It was my side that was too rash and caused you trouble. I have heard from long ago that Young Master Bai has an interest in jade – I happen to have a piece here. I hope Young Master Bai will accept it.”

Yang Wenhua finished speaking, then took a box out from his pocket and opened it. The jade was not big – it was a string of Buddha beads, the jade crystalline and transparent, and there was a glittering shine when it moved. Even from a glance, it could be seen that it was top grade jade.

Xiao Sa’s eyebrows twitched, and he glanced over at Bai Jing before calmly accepting the gift. Yan Wenhua seemed relieved, and then smiled bitterly. “Boss Xiao is still the wiser one, able to leave so quickly, acting decisively and throwing away such a glorious foundation with no second thoughts. I am really ashamed of my inferiority.”

Bai Jing frowned. He was not used to dealing with this kind of person, and he couldn’t understand what Yang Wenhua meant by that. He was puzzled as he listened on, and on top of his original bad impression of Yan Wenhua, he found him even less pleasing to the eye after meeting in person.

Xiao Sa was inwardly amused, and lightly cuddled Bai Jing. He first coaxed his lover, leaning down to whisper in his ear, “Don’t be angry. If you are still not happy after listening to him, you can do whatever you like.”

Bai Jing glared at him, and his face turned red. “Am I really so unreasonable?” He knew that they had too little manpower to properly run a base right now. How could he do as he wanted? There were too many twists and turns involved. He did not like having to think too much, but it did not mean that he did not understand. In order to build a strong base, other than their own abilities, the most important thing was the people who chose to come over to live there. Regardless of whether they were good or bad people, they needed to have them in order to set up missions and tasks so that the base could flourish and prosper. Only then would the zombies in the surroundings be dealt with. Otherwise, if only the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled stayed there, there was no point in building a base – they might as well just go and open a shelter. Even if Yang Wenhua was not the best choice, Bai Jing had to admit that his strength was pretty good if he were to be a resident.

After coaxing the lover in his arms, Xiao Sa thought deeply, and then spoke lightly, “Old Yang is being too modest. The people under your banner are all capable.”

How could Yang Wenhua not understand his sarcasm? He sighed, and spoke helplessly, “Boss Xiao does not need to make fun of me. I am not the only person whose word is law in the gang.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bai Jing’s eyes were cold. He couldn’t care less about his problems. Perhaps if Yang Wenhua was more direct, he would probably respect him more, but now, it was irritating to drag on and chatter like this. All these things sounded like excuses to his ears.

Sister Lian should have told him about Bai Jing’s temper. Yang Wenhua hurriedly shook his head and explained, “Young Master Jing misunderstood. I am not shirking my responsibilities. Today’s disturbances are definitely my fault. Only, the current times are different from the past. I am only regretting that I did not learn from Boss Xiao back then. Because I couldn’t bear to give up my old position, now that the world is in turmoil, alas…”

Yang Wenhua’s left some words unspoken, but Xiao Sa understood. Based on Yang Wenhua’s abilities, it would not be difficult to survive during the end of the world. Only, it was different when one added on a group of subordinates. What’s more, if he had not guessed wrong, the most important people to a boss like them was their left and right hand helpers, who were closer to them than their subordinates. Yang Wenhua certainly had not expected that his deputies would turn against him. After the apocalypse, people only spoke with their strength. For them to not have shamelessly split the group down the middle by now, it could only mean that they were equally powerful, and temporarily had to still bear with it.

Bai Jing thought for a moment, and then rejoiced in his misfortune. Who told him to be greedy, he deserved it.

Xiao Sa patted his head and reminded him not to be too impudent. Since the other party was the boss of a group, it was likely that they would work together in the future, and they should still let the other party save some face. He looked calmly at Yang Wenhua, and then casually continued, “Mrs. Yang must have passed on the news. What are your plans now?”

Yang Wenhua smiled bitterly, what else could he have planned? His son was still young now, and there was no security in the gang. What could he do except to rely on Xiao Sa? He couldn’t just take his wife and child with him and continue to wander. Moreover, their son’s life was saved thanks to Bai Jing’s help. He steeled himself, and then said, “If Boss Sa does not object, I will bring my subordinates over to join under your banner. Only, I’m afraid that Liu Wanfa’s faction will not leave it at that.”

Xiao Sa was very satisfied with this. He gently embraced Bai Jing, and seemed to be showing off a little. “Boss Yang can rest assured, if it wasn’t for you, my family’s Little Jing has a bad temper, and might have already brought people to kill their way over. Now, there is no need to worry over it.”

Yang Wenhua heard this and broke into a cold sweat. He didn’t know if Xiao Sa really meant what he said, but listening to the report from his subordinate today, Bai Jing seemed to be a ruthless character. According to his wife, they were even level one ability users.

BJ is so badass here, i love it~ one of the things that really made me fall for Bai Jing’s character is also the way he openly admits that he’s too lazy to use his brain… it’s rare to see a character like this.

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

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