Back to the Apocalypse Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Leng Han was thinking about more things. He also had two space ability users on his team. One of them had about 50 square meters of space, while the other only had 30 square meters. Although the electric sleigh did not take too much space, in chaotic times such as the end of the world, there was not enough space to put materials, let alone more than 20 sledges. Who could afford to be that luxurious?

He didn’t know whether to make fun of other people’s ignorance and short-sightedness, only being able to see the opportunity for immediate profit, or laugh at himself for not seeing enough of the world and finding it strange. He had to admit that he could not see through the team next door. This included the youth from yesterday – he clearly looked very simple, but his every move and even his words, all overwhelmed him!

Sister Lian’s eyebrows were furrowed, her gaze fixed on the distant skiing grounds, eyes filled with puzzlement.

Leng Han’s heart moved, and he asked quietly, “Mrs. Yang knows them?”

Sister Lian shook her head. She was a bit uncertain, and hesitated before saying, “Seems a bit familiar, but it can’t be. His territory is in N city, how would he end up here?”

Leng Han also looked over. It was not the first time that he had seen Xiao Sa, but every time, he had a feeling that the man was very strong. He had not gone to provoke them these few days, and rather watched on coldly as others tried to find trouble with them. Facts proved that his guess was correct. If it was not possible to become friends with someone like him, it was better to ignore them and each keep to their own paths. However, if Mrs Yang knew them, it would be another matter. The corners of his lips curved slightly, and he seemed casual as he suggested, “Won’t you know if you just ask? Didn’t Mrs. Yang also end up here?”

Sister Lian smiled faintly and did not say much. She knew what Leng Han was suggesting. Since she could come here, others could naturally also come. What Leng Han said was the truth, what’s more, she had received a kindness from them yesterday, and thanking them today was something she should do, meaning that she already had a good excuse on hand.

After having people deal with the ice and snow near the entrance, Sister Lian walked over slowly in her thick leather boots. Leng Han thought about it, and also followed behind. As a successful businessman, he never allowed any opportunities to slide.

After approaching, she saw another familiar figure. That skiing figure was Han Yan. Han Yan used to follow Xiao Sa as he went everywhere, and she had seen him several times before. She had still been uncertain before, but now she was sure, and she understood why that youth had come by last night to send over medicine. They really were acquainted, even if there was no friendship between them. But, regardless of what the other party’s intentions were, she still needed to deeply consider this act of kindness.

Her lips formed the shape of a shallow smile, and she called out a familiar greeting, “So it was Boss Xiao. Thank you for yesterday’s medicine. Unfortunately, Wenhua is not here, otherwise you two could have a good chat.”

In fact, Xiao Sa had noticed them as soon as they looked over. Only, he had been too lazy to pay attention to them. The one surnamed Leng and him had the same thoughts. Wasn’t he just a good looking person? But it was useless even if he was more attractive, he was still not as handsome as he was. Boss Xiao’s thoughts were very narcissistic, and he was unaware that his imaginary rival was innocent, getting shot at while lying down and receiving hostility for no reason.

“It’s nothing. We leave tomorrow. Why are you alone?” Xiao Sa thought it was more important to learn Ma Lian’s purpose for coming here.

Sister Lian smiled a little. After seeing that it was an acquaintance, her tone warmed a lot, and she was much more gentle. She laughed and said, “Wenhua’s hometown is here, and it is inconvenient for me to travel with the child. He was worried about his parents’ safety and left first. It was good that we met yesterday, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do. There is no point in saying thank you for such a great act of kindness – Boss Xiao is a businessman, and medicine is scarce. I won’t take advantage of you. I have some materials and supplies here. If you don’t mind, I’ll have them delivered over in a minute.”

“It was just a few bottles of medicine, Mrs. Yang does not need to be so polite.” Xiao Sa said this calmly, and there was no expression on his face. Everyone here was smart, and Little Jing had not brought the medicine over for the sake of doing business. Ma Lian was very clever, and also knew how to speak, not bringing up the fact that she had been refused the door yesterday, but also not mentioning the real purpose of her trip. She stuck to the topic of thanks, and he was afraid that even Leng Han would not believe her words about being concerned for her parents-in-law’s safety.

“I can’t accept that.” Sister Lian spoke with a smile, seeming somewhat embarrassed, but it seemed that she suddenly realized something, and cheered up as she said, “Look at me, I almost forgot. Boss Xiao is not like the others and would definitely not care about something small like this. I was thinking too narrowly. By the way, this is Leng Han. He lives just next door. Now that the world is so chaotic, it’s better to mutually take care of each other.

Xiao Sa completely did not care, neither nodding nor disagreeing. Sister Lian’s words sounded very good, but the probing meaning behind it was very obvious, clearly wanting to discern their situation, and similar to how he wanted to rope in Yang Wenhua to join their forces, Yang Wenhua’s wife was also trying to do the same. Only, she did not have enough chips in hand, and Xiao Sa was not afraid of showing more of his strength.

He had just been about to say something when there seemed to be something alerting him from his heart. Xiao Sa’s expressionless face instantly turned soft as he turned his head towards the door.

Bai Jing had been busy all night, and finally fell into a dazed sleep at dawn. When he woke up in the morning, Xiao Sa had already disappeared, so he took the time to visit his space and enjoy his own villa. After cleaning up, he heard laughter in the yard as soon as he went through the door. He also received some more good news – last night, other than Li Yi, Tan Jiabing also developed earth powers.

Bai Jing’s mind was turning. It could be considered an accident for one person to develop powers, but for two people to develop them without any dangerous situation, other than their persistence and determination, there had to be some other external factor. Bai Jing thought of the spring in his space almost immediately – he had not expected it to work so well.

Looking out of the courtyard, the first thing that Bai Jing noticed was Xiao Sa’s smiling eyes, followed quickly by the other two people next to him. He didn’t think they would be there, but it was also within expectations since he had delivered medicine yesterday, and there was such a big stir today. The other party would definitely come over to try and be friendly.

Sister Lain’s smile remained unchanged. She had long heard that Boss Xiao loved beauty over his worldly status, and had been willing to give up his family business for a man. She had not thought that this was really the case. Now, it seemed that those rumors from some days ago that Boss Xiao had run off after a man might really be the truth.

There was a flash of surprise in Leng Han’s eyes. Based on Xiao Sa’s appearance, he really couldn’t tell that this person had a lover. He turned his head to look at that youth; he had not carefully taken in his appearance yesterday, and only discovered now that the youth really had the capital to be arrogant. His presence was not any weaker than Xiao Sa’s, only, he looked like a rather delicate and arrogant young master. If it had been before the apocalypse, Leng Han would not have minded teasing and playing with him, but now, faced with such a pampered man, he could only politely refuse. He was afraid that it would be hard to find anyone who could afford him, and he really had to praise Xiao Sa for being able to do so.

At this time, Leng Han categorized him not only as a delicate young master, but also as one who was completely pleasure-seeking. Seeing that Xiao Sa’s attitude towards himself was not good, Leng Han could only laugh bitterly while feeling some contempt in his heart. Boss Sa did not have to be so anxious to see a threat in every bush and tree – although he liked men, his wits were not dulled by lust, and he could still distinguish between what was important and what wasn’t!

Xiao Sa no longer exuded the previous coldness. His voice instantly became gentle, as he simply excused himself to Ma Lian and Leng Han before turning to walk towards Bai Jing. “You’re here. Are you cold?”

Bai Jing puffed out a breath of air, his neck shrinking into his clothes, his body covered with so many clothes he looked like a cotton ball. He nodded. “Cold.”

Xiao Sa gave a low laugh, absolutely adoring the way Little Jing occasionally acted like a spoiled child. He very naturally brought Bai Jing into his arms, and then wrapped his hands around his, glancing over at Ma Lian and Len Han as he calmly introduced, “That is Mrs. Yang. I’ve seen her several times before, and the other is the former president of Leng Group.

Both of them have seen Bai Jing before, and they would naturally not act like strangers now. Only, they still needed to act their parts, so Sister Lian asked with surprise, “And this is…”

Xiao Sa was not stingy with his introduction. He mild smile seemed to carry a sense of pride as he domineeringly declared, “My lover, Bai Jing.”

Bai Jing glared at him, and struggled slightly. This guy’s expression was so silly, it was so disgraceful!

Leng Han was truly left quite speechless. Xiao Sa added the word ‘former’ in front of ‘president’ in his introduction, and made such a territorial announcement with such a calm expression. He really wanted to swear that he had absolutely no intentions towards the young man in front of him.

Sister Lian thought about it for a bit, and immediately recalled who Bai Jing was. They were gangsters, and knew each other well. Some days ago, this young man had been a very hot topic, and even Wenhua had wanted to get to know him. Only, the virus broke out not long after, and it was no longer possible. She quickly laughed and said, “So it is Young Master Bai. How is your father? Wenhua and I had originally planned to go to City B. I did not expect to meet you here. By the way, how did you both end up coming here?”

Bai Jing nodded slightly. He had always been very disdainful when interacting with anyone other than Xiao Sa, so he was very casual as he spoke, “If you want to find my father, you can talk to Zhou Ji and have him put you in touch later. Xiao Sa and I plan to build a base here. If you are interested, you can come and settle down there.”

Sister Lian’s smile turned stiff for an instant. It was very subtle, and almost impossible to catch, but everyone present were all very worldly people, and naturally were aware of the change.

Xiao Sa laughed inwardly and allowed Bai Jing to do as he liked. Bai Jing aweing others with his strength and prestige was a much simpler and more straightforward way of doing things than him slowly playing Tai Chi and going back and forth with the others.

Leng Han became a little interested. He was a businessman and his thoughts were naturally different from those in the underworld. He frowned and pondered for a while before asking, “Base? Where are you going to build it?”

Bai Jing had his chin slightly raised, he seemed to be showing off, and looked extremely arrogant. His attitude and posture was the same as Xiao Sa’s when he claimed his territory as he lightly said, “Pingyuan County, high security prison.”

Leng Han fell into deep thought, and Sister Lian’s smile stiffened further. Bai Jing also understood, it seemed that Xiao Sa had guessed correctly, and she had had the same idea as them.

At the end of the day, Sister Lian was still someone who knew how to get along with anyone. Very quickly, she sorted out her thoughts, laughed, and said, “I know about that place. Wenhua had even specifically made inquiries about it. I heard that there are many prisoners in the area, and it has already been sealed off. It is filled with zombies inside, and it would take a lot of effort to take it over completely. If Boss Xiao has that intention, how about we cooperate? We also have many subordinates with us.”

“No need.” Bai Jing refused mercilessly, without considering any sentiment. “You can come to settle in the place that I’ve chosen, but if you want to have a piece of the pie, no way.”

“This…” She had not thought that Bai Jing would be so difficult to work with. Sister Lian turned her gaze to Xiao Sa.

“Little Jing’s thoughts are also my thoughts. In my opinion, there is no need to cooperate in order to avoid future disputes. This is for everyone’s benefit. You can consider it, and send word to Yang Wenhua if you want to. We will definitely take over that territory, and you are all welcome to come settle there.” Xiao Sa embraced Bai Jing and spoke calmly as he laid down their declaration. If Sister Lian was smart, she would consider their words.

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

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