Back to the Apocalypse Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

The night was very dark. In the small farmhouse community, it was very quiet. Bai Jing was idle, so he sent his mind into his space and left only a trace of awareness outside so that he could wake up in advance if anything strange happened.

In the middle of the night, Bai Jing was busy plowing the first mu of land when he suddenly heard the sound of dogs barking coming from outside. He hadn’t yet completely gathered his wits and had only just brought his awareness back when someone rushed towards the house. After the experiences from recent days, they were vigiliant all the time. Even when they slept, they also slept lightly, and when they heard the noise outside, they all subconsciously woke up.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Sa was the first to run out, wearing only a simple shirt. When Bai Jing saw it, he frowned and said unhappily, “Why did you come out? Go and put your clothes on properly. We can take care of the matters outside.”

Everyone else was speechless. They were all dressed lightly, but why didn’t Bai Jing worry about them? The only fortunate thing was there was heating in the room now, and it wasn’t so cold.

Cao Lei raised his eyebrows – his attitude was obvious. They were not Xiao Sa, and if they wanted to get their young master’s attention, they would probably have to wait until the next life. Could they even compare? His heart was filled with envy.

Xiao Sa’s heart warmed, and he did not refute it. Under Bai Jing’s insistent gaze, he turned back to his room and put on more clothes. If others wanted to be envious, then they could just go ahead and be jealous.

Then, someone else emerged from their room. Yu Yue was dressed neatly as his gaze swept everywhere before landing on Bai Jing, “Some people have come from outside; there are two mutant dogs pulling sledges, five men, one woman, and a child. They are estimated to be 100 meters away.”

The crowd went silent. They had not expected that people other than Bai Jing would also have sledges, only, those mutant dogs…

As though understanding the doubts in everyone’s heads, Yu Yue went on to say, “They have spiritual powers, and the mutant dogs seem domesticated. They look obedient and smarter than ordinary dogs, going where they’re directed.”

Bai Jing nodded. He knew about this. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that domesticating them took time, he would also have wanted to raise a few animals. They would make good helpers after they mutated.

Yu Yue’s words had just fallen when they heard a clattering noise from outside followed by a knock at the door. People from the courtyard next door were also woken up and rushed out, standing at the entrance to their house without moving. They looked as if they were waiting to see what moves their side would make, their eyes brimming with hidden envy.

There were others who kept quiet and made no sound, standing by their windows and watching. Bai Jing opened the door to their house. His vision had also improved after upgrading his powers, and he took in all the details of the scene. Everyone watched as Bai Jing went out, and then hurriedly went back to put on more clothes. Whatever the situation was, it would have to wait.

“Sister Lian, it’s snowing so heavily. Do you think they will refuse to open the door?” A man asked uneasily, his expression showing anxiety.

The woman called Sister Lian shook her head and wrapped up the baby in her arms even more tightly. “No, the world is so chaotic now. Regardless of whether they are good people or bad, as long as they are smart, they will be willing to meet. They can’t be shrinking turtles for their entire life.”

“But…” Even before he finished his words, someone else became impatient and spoke up, “It’s been so long. I’ll go up and pry open the door.”

Sister Lian’s expression turned cold. She sternly said, “Shut up. They must have some ability since they dared to live here and light up lamps in the middle of the night. Don’t be reckless.”

The man sighed, stamping his feet as he stepped back, unwillingly saying, “I’m just worried about the young master.”

Sister Lian looked at the child in her arms, her expression tinged with grief as she suppressed the sadness in her eyes. “I am also worried…”

After having heard all this, Bai Jing teleported to the entrance. The most fearful thing during the apocalypse were people who didn’t understand the situation. Based on the woman’s tone of voice, she should be a clever one. He had not expected that these strong people were actually led by a woman.

“Who are you?” They were on guard immediately upon seeing the youth who had appeared out of nowhere. Their movements were quick, and their attitude stern, and all of this told Bai Jing clearly that they were all well trained.

Bai Jing slid a glance over them and raised his eyebrows slightly. “It seems that I should be the one asking you this question.”

Sister Lian waved her hand to prevent her subordinate from speaking as she purposely tried to lower her attitude without appearing humble. It was obvious that she was a great personage. “Sorry, my subordinate was impetuous. My child is sick right now, and we saw that there were lights here. We wanted to ask if it would be convenient for us to stay for a few days?”

“Uh… It’s not inconvenient. This is a farm, and there are many houses you can find and use. There are two groups living next door that you can also go and ask. If there’s nothing, I’m leaving.” Bai Jing spoke very lightly. He had no plans to care too much; although the woman was pleasing to the eyes, it was now the end of the world and everyone could put on an act. He would not be relaxed around anyone whom he could not fully understand.

“Wait!” Seeing that one of her men was reaching for his waist, the woman swept a cold glance over before changing her attitude and turning gentle again when facing Bai Jing. She lightly implored, “I have some cigarettes, drinks and food here. I know you have generators. If you aren’t reassured, I can just bring the child and doctor inside while the others stay elsewhere.”

“Oh? You have a doctor?” Bai Jing became interested. Since they had a doctor, how did the child become so ill? Bai Jing could see that the child was not infected even though only the child’s ears could be seen. Infected people’s skin turned grey.

Hearing this, a young man came out from the woman’s right side. “Hello, I am Liang Yi, Lian family’s exclusive doctor.”

Bai Jing pouted and was instantly disdainful. This person thought too highly of himself, emphasizing the words ‘exclusive doctor’ and making people feel uncomfortable when they heard it. Although doctors were really in demand during the apocalypse, they were useless without drugs.

He swept one last glance over them before throwing down a sentence. “Not interested!” Bai Jing teleported away in front of them, not concerning himself with their reactions.

Back in the room, people gathered around him. Liu Wei was sleepy, yawning as he complained, “Who showed up in the middle of the night?”

Liu Hua rolled his eyes at him. “Who cares who they are? In any case, they just passed by and came over because they saw the lights.”

When everyone heard this, they thought about it and shifted their gaze to Bai Jing. If it hadn’t been for him, there would definitely be no light. And if there was no light, there would be no trouble. In the evening, the people from the house next door had also come over asking to partner up, and were finally sent away by Zhou Ji. Now, it was not surprising that someone would come over because they had noticed the lights.

Bai Jing was unhappy seeing everyone stare at him. “If you guys don’t want the air conditioner, the lights, the electric heater and electric blanket, then turn it all off and huddle around the brick stove instead. If you’re afraid, then just stay in your room and don’t come out. Since you don’t like having electricity, I will stop it later. It’s fine to just connect a line to my room.”

How could anyone agree? Some people who heard it immediately retorted, “Who’s scared? We just dislike trouble. The heating and electric blankets are still needed.”  On such a cold day, he would rather welcome some trouble and have a fight over huddling and growing mould next to a stove. That smell would really make one dizzy after a while.

Bai Jing twisted his lips and sneered. He deeply felt that since he had the means to provide a comfortable environment and the ability to protect himself, there was no need to make himself suffer unnecessarily. They would not go looking for trouble, but they would not be afraid when trouble came.

Yu Yue opened his eyes. He had now learned to use his mental energy to explore the situation around them. “They went next door. There is a man there who is a lightning ability user, and a female psychic ability user.”

Xiao Sa nodded: “Well, I see. You should all go and do what you need to do. We still need to get up early tomorrow.”

The crowd dispersed after he spoke. It had just been a false alarm just now. Zhou Ji frowned deeply, and looked towards the door for a while before turning around to return to his room.

From far away, Bai Jing could hear Han Yan ask, “What are you looking at?”


“If it’s nothing, then why do you seem so hesitant…”

“…” Zhou Ji pulled Han Yan directly into the room and closed the door.

“Is something wrong?” When Bai Jing saw that Xiao Sa was also deep in thought, he became unhappy.


Bai Jing’s expression turned black, and he recalled that Zhou Ji had also answered the same way.

Xiao Sa was very sharp, and he could sense his lover’s displeasure. He laughed in his heart but spoke in a kindly manner, “It’s only that I felt that that voice was a little familiar, but can’t recall it for the moment.”

Bai Jing hesitated: “Then, do you want to go and see? She even brought a child, only I wasn’t sure about them and they also had trained fighters and guns. I didn’t think that it was safe for them to come in. By the way, the woman seems to be called Sister Lian and they had a doctor named Liang Yi.”

Xiao Sa pondered for a moment, frowning tightly: “So it was her…”

“Who is she?” Bai Jing was curious, but he didn’t suspect Xiao Sa’s relationship with Sister Lian since he knew Xiao Sa was gay. Rather, if it had been a man, then he would be worried. He was just afraid that if Sister Lian’s child died, she would change, and he felt a little sorry for them. Looking at how they were brimming with talent, it would be good if Xiao Sa could rope them in.

Xiao Sa smiled indifferently. How could he be unable to guess Bai Jing’s mind? “I know her husband, but we are not close and have only seen each other a few times. Our positions are rather separate, and it has always been a situation where we keep to ourselves and do not offend the other. There’s no need to pay attention to it.” Xiao Sa understood very well that people like them would be unwilling to submit to others unless there was absolutely no other way. The idea of roping them in was instantly dispelled, but could be considered if they ended up with no way out. They had no less weaponry than them, and perhaps they would also have the same idea.

Xiao Sa’s eyes darkened. “Tomorrow, we must learn how to use the sledges and speed up the journey to Pingyuan County to take over the prison as quickly as possible. Tomorrow I want to know about the situation in all the surrounding towns, as well as all the survivors’ bases.”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Jing also could not relax when he saw that Xiao Sa was so serious. He had suffered a loss under the hands of a woman before, and now he dared not look down on it. They could just kill the person right now, and nip any potential disaster in the bud!

Bai Jing’s killing intent was mounting, but Xiao Sa laughed instead. “It’s all right. Don’t go off and do something randomly. I’m just worried that her husband would have the same thoughts as us, wanting to occupy the prison.” They both thrived in the underworld, and fully understood the threat of that high-walled location. Even more, they understood the need to hole up where there would be no gaps. It was a much better option than the big cities.

“They don’t want to live.” Daring to fight with them over their spot. Bai Jing knew very well that every major base would build fences and walls in the future, but by then, steel and cement would be in short supply, and would not be as good as a ready-made prison. That was a perfect base that they must not let slip out of their hands.

Xiao Sa was helpless, and indulgently said. “I’m only talking about it. Nothing is certain at present, and her husband is a smart person who won’t purposely try to fight against me. They have quite a lot of weaponry in their hands, and as long as we arrive first and take over the prison, if they want to stay, we will naturally welcome them.” Only with more ability users and fighters would their base become more powerful.

Bai Jing suddenly felt that Xiao Sa was still more cunning than he was. In this way, it was almost certain that even they formed a mercenary regiment, without the power to manage the prison, it would be like a small base with all kinds of businessmen. No matter how much or how little they earned, they would still be contributing to the base. In retrospect, the woman had said that she wanted to do some business, but they had not brought any luggage. Bai Jing said with certainty, “They have space ability users.”

After Yu Yue heard them, he promptly interrupted: “Not only that. Just now, someone tried to spy on us with psychic power, but I blocked them. There is a team in the courtyard next door that does not seem that simple either.”

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Bai Jing frowned, it was only now that he found that there was one more person in the room.

“I’m leaving now. That woman’s son is not going to be able to hold on.” Yu Yue was speechless. Did they have to act as though there was nobody else nearby? He had only stayed because he remembered there was something he hadn’t reported. Otherwise, he would have left long ago rather than being stuck here.

Bai Jing was somewhat clearer now. Fighting for territory was not uncommon in the apocalypse, especially for those who used to be part of the triad. No wonder that woman was so tough, able to maintain her good temper and expression even after being rejected. She must have suffered a loss before…

“I’ll go deliver some medicine.” Bai Jing flexed his will. According to Xiao Sa’s words, it was still better if they went and built up some good will. Although it was none of their business if the child died, who knew whether or not the woman would become angry and take it out on them? Instead of having one more enemy, it was better to have one more friend. The world was now one that spoke with strength and fists. As long as Xiao Sa stayed strong enough and they had enough supplies and materials, Bai Jing believed that when they really reached that point, that woman and her husband could only join under their banner!

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

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