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Chapter 62

The two of them spoke for a while. Since they had decided to leave, there were many things to discuss, and they would also need to let their brothers know. Xiao Sa kissed Bai Jing and said, “Let’s go together.”

Bai Jing shook his head. He didn’t want to go; he had more important things to do now. “No need, you can tell them. Right, I have a telegraph machine and walkie-talkies with me. If it’s necessary, I can bring it out and we can inquire about the situation outside, and learn more about the situation around L province?”

Xiao Sa thought for a moment. After learning about the sledge, he was now very calm about Little Jing’s ability to produce strange things. He nodded, “Well, that’s good. We can’t break off all links with the outside world. We can make preparations earlier if we know what important things are happening ahead of time.”

After they made some more plans, Xiao Sa turned around and went out. Bai Jing took out the telegraph machine and walkie-talkies and laid them on table before flashing into his space to take a look. He couldn’t suppress his surprise over the changes that had occurred there.

Fresh air poured in, bringing with it the smell of fresh grass, and there seemed to be a vibrancy everywhere, completely unlike the outside world that was muddy and dull.

In fact, the space had not changed much, but there was another half hectare of land. The spring, sea water, stream, and house were all there like before, but there were many more chickens and ducks, the crabs in the sea water were all fat and plentiful, and the fruit trees had started to bear fruit, the colors brighter than those that could be found on the market. Looking at it made people want to drool. Bai Jing stood under the tree, flexed his will, and a space blade swept across and cut a large apple off its branch. Bai Jing was not polite, catching it and straightforwardly taking a bite, feeling extremely refreshed.

Half a hectare of land extended the size of the space. When he had made his plans before, he collected a lot of materials. Although many plants were planted in the land, it did not seem crowded. Bai Jing had long ago decided that if his space upgraded, he would plant food and vegetables, and also expand the sea water area.

He had a vague guess in his mind that he had not yet confirmed. In short, he still had to experiment to find out if the sea water he had loaded into his space would be as inexhaustible as the spring water. He remembered that back when he had first brought the water into his space, it had turned into a very small amount. If his guess was right, he would have really picked up a treasure.

However, no matter what his thoughts were, he still had to take things one step at a time. He was worried that Xiao Sa would suddenly return to the room, so he just looked everywhere, walked around, and swept through the house once before reluctantly leaving the space, hesitating a bit about whether to tell Xiao Sa the truth about the space. If he continued to hide it like this, as people said, one lie would lead to another, and he would end up with innumerable lies. And when it all became exposed…

Bai Jing was disconsolate. He could see Xiao Sa’s affections towards him, and it wasn’t as though he didn’t feel anything back, but if he spoke out about the space, he didn’t know how to explain it properly. He thought about it, then decided to put it aside. In any case, if he told him about it later, no matter how bad it was, Xiao Sa could not do anything to him and would only eat him thoroughly. But, he hadn’t made enough mental preparation for that yet…

In other words, Little Jing, you are going to be miserable. Remember, when you were reborn, you promised to fight back, but now you’re ready to accept your fate. The possibility of turning the tables has already been eliminated from your mind, how do you plan to continue…

After he exited the space, he found that Xiao Sa was still in a meeting. Bai Jing was not idle, calling Wang Xuebing to the front of the living room as he waved his hand, collecting all the tables and chairs and putting them away. Then, he brought out a generator and twenty snow sleds.

Wang Xuebing was stunned on the spot, speechlessly staring at the sleds. Earlier, when Xiao Sa had said they needed to push on, they had been frustrated at being unable to ski. He was the young master’s bodyguard and confidante, so why was it that he had absolutely no clue that his young master had bought these things? He had originally thought it would be just a sled, and everyone had been stuck on what to do, but these things were electric sleds. He had never played with such luxury in his life.

Bai Jing then brought out two barrels of diesel oil and raised an eyebrow as he looked at Wang Xuebing. “Take them out and charge them. If you don’t know how to use them, you guys have one day to study and learn. Oh, by the way, remember to connect the power to the house.” The weather was too cold. This used to be a farmhouse, and there was both heating and air conditioning. Bai Jing never allowed himself to suffer if he had a choice.

Wang Xuebing woodenly set to work installing the generator. Seemingly too busy to even feel the cold wind coming in through the cracks in the doors and windows. He felt no sorrow, and no joy, he only thought that it was too mother**king devious. This entire journey, if they didn’t have this noble and arrogant young master, didn’t have Bai Jing’s finicky attitude, they naturally would not have a comfortable environment and would really experience what chaotic times were like. Not to mention not having electricity, even having food and drinking water was a luxury. Seeing others who were struggling simply to survive, then looking back at his young master’s hedonistic ideas, he really, truly, couldn’t express how he felt. The only fortunate thing was that as long as his young master was happy, everyone else would also be happy, and they did not need to worry about their quality of life as it was bound to go up in a straight line…

Ignoring Wang Xuebing’s mental entanglement since he had already done what he needed to do, Bai Jing saw that Xiao Sa’s side was still going well and went to the kitchen. He thought about it, and then secretly poured a cup of spring water from his space into the rice. He could only do this for now, and whether or not the others could develop their own powers would be based on their own luck. If they couldn’t, then they could only wait. He was a selfish person. The people under him would at least need to become level two before he began to consider helping others develop their powers.

As for Xiao Sa, Bai Jing had decided to feed him spring water every day. Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei had both ranked up, and they had only needed two crystals each. Perhaps he could assume that the spring water had a direct effect on the levelling up of their abilities. The stronger Xiao Sa was, the more stable his team would be. He didn’t want to create any chaotic situations, especially when there was a chance that they might be seen by others.

After that, Bai Jing went to where they were holding their meeting. In addition to Xiao Sa and his brothers, Cao Lei, Qin Yi and Yang Chonghui were also there. Yu Yue had been his powers every day ever since he advanced. He seemed to have changed completely after suffering a big loss last time. He no longer laughed so happily, and his heart seemed to have turned ruthless. He worked harder, and put in more effort.

Bai Jing was very satisfied with this, and his evaluation of Yu Yue also improved. Yu Yue used to be a probationary team member in his mind, but he now decided to consider Yu Yue as part of their reserve team. Whether or not he could become a real member would depend on his own ability.

“There you are.” Xiao Sa noticed Bai Jing and waved for him to come sit beside him.

Bai Jing smiled lightly, and did not put on any airs. He saw that everyone had a look of resignation, their faces glum, and glanced between the crowd and Xiao Sa. “What’s wrong?”

Liu Wei hurriedly said, “Well, Young Master Jing, we can’t ski, and Little Meng is still young. Look…”

“Okay, it’s very safe even though it’s snowing. Those who want to wait for the weather to clear up can stay, and those who want to leave can come with us. What’s there to hesitate over?” Bai Jing spoke somewhat disapprovingly, and everyone who was listening wiped off some cold sweat. Stay behind? Hell, if they really stayed behind without the rest of them, they might become one of those roadside refugees one day.

Xiao Sa was amused. Little Jing’s teeth were sharp, and he enjoyed it very much when it wasn’t directed at him. He spoke lightly, “He doesn’t mean it that way. He just wants to stay a few days longer, and we were currently just discussing it. I’m afraid the weather will get colder and colder. If we want to leave, we’d better do it as soon as possible.”

Bai Jing finally understood in his heart that Xiao Sa was actually using indirect means to solve a problem. Hmph. Liu Wai had really sought help from the wrong person; of course he would have the same idea as Xiao Sa.

“Okay, let’s not say any more about this. We’ll rest tomorrow. You all can learn how to use the sleds, and then we’ll leave early the day after tomorrow. It’s decided.” Xiao Sa laid down the figurative hammer and settled the issue, then turned his head to Bai Jing, “Where are the telegraph machine and walkie-talkies?”

“In the room. Should I go get them?”

“No need. Zhou Ji, you go. From now on, you and Cao Lei will deal with external affairs. Everyone else will bring a walkie-talkie so that they can report any situations that arise immediately.”

“Yes!” Seeing that the discussion had not gone back and forth, people also cheered up. They all knew that Brother Sa was doing things for everyone’s benefit. Only, it was rare for them to get a chance to rest, and were all somewhat greedy for these moments of peace. In truth, there was no way that they weren’t aware that after the heavy snow, there would probably be another round of chaos.

Zhou Ji and Cao Lei hurried off to accomplish their tasks. After a while, the sound of the generator starting up rang out, and people rubbed at their ears, not sure that they had heard correctly. But then, they thought of Bai Jing’s space ability, and felt that nothing was impossible.

Bai Jing felt great. He noticed Xiao Sa’s gaze and looked around before finding and plugging in the air-conditioning, laughing when he heard the sound of the air-conditioning starting up. He smiled as he spoke, “It’s cold outside, and we leave the day after tomorrow. These two days, we should live as comfortably as we can and refresh ourselves so that we are full of energy when we set out. Why be greedy for this small moment of comfort? The weather is cold and the ground is freezing over, zombie activity is reduced, which is a great time for us to build up our base. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for wanting to waste time in this courtyard?”

Xiao Sa raised his eyebrows and was slightly surprised. He had not expected that Little Jing would have this level of eloquence.

Feeling the warm air coming out of the air conditioner, and watching as people became energized, Bai Jing suddenly felt that there was really some use in feeding people false hopes.

Wang Xuebing connected the electricity and started charging the sleds. After dinner, the sky turned dark, but there were still lights in the courtyard. Everyone had planned to start cultivating, but after they saw the sleds, their eyes all turned shocked the way Wang Xuebing’s had. Even Little Meng was excited, tugging at Li Yi as he exclaimed, “Dad, I want to play.”

“Son, that’s not for playing.” Li Yi quietly touched his son’s head as a feeling suddenly rose up in his heart. Following Brother Sa and the others was like having a surplus of riches. With Bai Jing, they lived like princes and nobles, their original worries swept away in an instant. Bai Jing had done well to buy the snow sleds, they were all imported, and not only could they transport people, they also had windshields installed in front. Mother, with this kind of toy, what were they hesitating for? They may even reach their destination in a day.

That night, Bai Jing stayed up to keep watch. Everyone went to bed early, wanting to get up earlier the next day to make preparations for the day after tomorrow. He also made Xiao Sa go to bed. Bai Jing had noticed the deep tiredness in his eyes, and understood that Xiao Sa had never rested properly these days while he had been unconscious.

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

thank you everyone for the recent ko-fi’s <3 we’re almost at the goal for another extra chapter!

ala was asking me what it was exactly that Bai Jing hadn’t come clean about that he was worried over – it was a long time ago, so i’ll refresh you guys’ memories as well ^^; basically although Bai Jing told Xiao Sa about his space and that it was really big, he never told him that it was habitable land that could be farmed, used to raise animals, and even had a house.

also, one thing to remember when reading this novel (and other translated novels) is that some nicknames may be more ‘cute’ in their original language than they are in English. some concepts are also different because our cultures are not all the same. in fact, a child getting spanked for doing something that worried their parents is pretty normal in Chinese culture – it’s not necessarily that he did something ‘wrong’, but more that he didn’t consider how others would feel when he did such a thing that warrants the ‘punishment’.

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