Back to the Apocalypse Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

–Mildly NSFW & Warning for offensive language!–

But Bai Jing had no idea about these things. Originally, he had also wanted to use those people’s methods against them and grab their weaponry, but he had not expected that Xiao Sa would have gotten it done so quickly.

Bai Jing suffered through two days of ice and fire. He could sense that his spiritual power seemed to be immersed in the spiritual water in his space. As for his body, he believed that Xiao Sa would take good care of it. In the moment when he entered his coma, he had finally understood what caused the situation, and although he was happy to have levelled up, he also felt depressed. Mother, if this kind of situation happened again, even if he didn’t die, he would still lose half his life.

After obtaining his space in the previous life, he basically never went to fight the zombies, and the crystals had all been given to their leader. Because they were scarce, he had never been willing to toss them into his space – as soon as he got one, he would use them to upgrade his powers. Naturally, he would not have discovered that not only jade, but the crystal nuclei would also help him rank up. In other words, as long as it was something that contained energy, it was useful.

Only, the nucleus was formed from the zombie virus. Negative energy and positive energy were conflicting, and the first time he put the nuclei inside his space, he put in nineteen of them at the same time. There had been too much negative energy and his space had temporarily been unable to adapt. He was lucky his body and meridians had not exploded when the power cleansed the impurities from his body. If the two types of energies had rejected each other… Bai Jing felt cold just thinking about it.

In fact, the blood that had come out of his body contained the viral impurities that should be expelled, but Xiao Sa had not known that at the time, and when he saw Bai Jing on the ground covered with dirty blood, his breathing barely noticeable, he had been shocked and scared, and hurried to help him sort out his meridians. It was also because of Xiao Sa’s actions, and later, with both Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei taking turns to help, that a process that would normally have taken ten days only took five. On the afternoon of the fifth day, Bai Jing blearily opened his eyes and was shocked for a long moment, clueless about his surroundings. He fell back into a warm embrace, and the pleasant surprise woke him up completely.

Then, the strength of the arm wrapped around his waist increased as fierce and violent kisses landed one after the other, eagerly covering up his face. Someone’s nose exhaled warm air across his cheek, and the sound of breathing next to his ear became heavier and heavier as the hand around his waist impatiently, almost frantically, tore at his clothing. It was only then that Bai Jing discovered that he was only wearing underwear. He was very clean, his body felt fresh; he did not even need to think to know who it was that had helped him clean up and change.

He was distracted for just a moment, but his clothes were ripped apart, and the other party quickly removed his complicated and cumbersome clothing, turned around, and embraced Bai Jing tightly. Cold air crept in from the gap in the quilt, causing Bai Jing to shiver and press his body even closer to the source of heat, kisses falling like rain down his neck before pausing to bite and lick at his chest. A shivery feeling spread out, and Bai Jing unconsciously moaned, his body seeming to be out of his control as everything seemed to heat up.

“Ahh…” His lower body slowly became erect from the stimulation on his chest. The last remnants of reason in Bai Jing’s head reminded him that he should refuse immediately, but his whole body seemed completely devoid of strength.

A big hand swept down his waist and held the slightly inflated turtle head as a thumb rubbed and pressed rhythmically on the tip.

“Ah… No… ” Bai Jing’s body could not stop trembling. His clear eyes were covered with mist as he looped his hands around Xiao Sa’s neck. He could clearly feel Xiao Sa’s anger, nervousness, worry, joy, and relief at recovering something he’d thought he had lost. All kinds of complex emotions, as though he wanted to crush him to pieces even as he domineeringly caressed his body everywhere.

A warm liquid sprayed out, and a rough hand slid over, moving to the chrysanthemum point that suddenly tightened. His body entire shivered at the sensation, and Bai Jing bit his lips to force himself awake as he didn’t want to sleep with him now. “I’m hungry…”

Bai Jing’s voice sounded, and the body that was pressing down on his own paused. He could feel the effort he exerted to hold himself back, and Bai Jing secretly wiped off his cold sweat and did not speak, only quietly moving his eyes to look over.

Xiao Sa looked at him hatefully, appearing as though he could hardly wait to eat him. In fact, that was the case, but after half a beat, he sighed softly. He could see that the kitten was panicking, and he also could not bear to continue even though his heart was full of reluctance. Little Jing had been satisfied, but what about him?

He turned around, got out of bed, and pulled on his clothes. A cold wind blew over, and the heat in his body faded as he looked back to Bai Jing and calmly said, “I’ll go have people make some food.” As for the accounts that still needed to be settled, the kitten had not eaten in five days, and they could discuss it after he had been fed.

Bai Jing hunched his shoulders, intuitively knowing that the situation was not good. Based on his past experience, he must have been in a coma for a long time, and Xiao Sa must have been beside himself with worry…

After Xiao Sa left, Bai Jing hurriedly took clothing out of the space and changed into them. Only then did he discover that he seemed to be in a pretty good room.

He went outside, and in the great hall, people were all gathered around a big honeycomb brick stove for warmth. They were gossiping in twos and threes, when they heard Xu Lei exclaim, “Young Master!”

Everyone turned around. When they saw Bai Jing, things were instantly cleared up in their heart. No wonder Brother Sa’s temper was less gloomy when he came out just now. Young Master Jing had woken up. To tell the truth, they all felt a lot of pressure while the young man had still been in a coma.

“How long have I been in a coma?” Bai Jing frowned, asking the question that he most wanted to know.

“Five days.” Everyone started to talk about the recent events. Of course, when it came to the discussion about raiding the military base, they all tacitly ignored it. To put it simply, they had really been frightened by Brother Sa on that day.

Bai Jing felt ashamed. It was only now that he learned that everybody had no car or gas after he fell into a coma. Fortunately, Little Meng had enough food and clothes stored up in his space, and they had stolen a car afterwards. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for everyone to continue the journey.

As a matter of fact, after Xiao Sa bombarded the base, he had returned to find that there were insufficient supplies. It was unknown when Bai Jing would wake up, so he had simply called everyone together and camped at the military base. It was a good thing that Xie Minhang had stopped him in time and the base had not been completely destroyed. Although that group of people had been guilty of great evil, to say nothing else, they had prepared a lot of materials. Xiao Sa did not hesitate to commandeer it all for their own use. Even though the large military trucks were not retrofitted, they still had a large capacity and could hold a lot of stuff.

They delayed for one day before continuing on. Cao Lei, Wang Xuebing, Qin Yi, Yu Yue, Zhou Ji, Xie Mingfeng, and Liang La, all advanced to the first level.

After three days’ journey, the snowstorm had become so heavy that they could only stop and find a place to rest. They were currently at a small farmyard that used to be part of a small farm community. The place was relatively bright, and big enough for their purpose. There were two other teams that lived in the farmyard next door, but because they had more people and had come earlier, they had grabbed the best yard.

Bai Jing glanced at Wang Xuebing and suddenly remembered the woman and the child that she had mentioned. He didn’t know how they had been dealt with, but when he asked, Wang Xuebing blushed with shame.

The woman had really hooked up with the leader of that group. Liu Hui knew her, but about the matter of the child… The woman was not married, so there had been no child unless one had suddenly erupted out of a stone.

Cao Lei quickly rescued his lover from the fire, and asked instead, “What happened to you the other day?” Back then, he had asked Xiao Sa, but Xiao Sa had also been clueless. He only knew that Bai Jing had already become like that when he woke up.

“Uh…” Bai Jing immediately lowered his head. His eyes no longer darted around, and he stopped making fun of Wang Xuebing. This matter had been his fault, and seeing that Xiao Sa was coming out of the kitchen, he hastened to say, “My ability has levelled up.”

Xiao Sa’s eyes were dark, and he did not speak. He clearly remembered that Little Jing had told him that it was difficult for space ability users to level up and that the crystal nuclei did not work. A few days ago, when he had searched carefully without finding the crystal nuclei beside Little Jing, he had already had a faint guess in his heart. Now, he was even more certain.

Liu Hui followed Xiao Hao, carrying a hot meal on her hand. When she saw Bai Jing, she smiled and greeted, “You’ve woken up. You’ve made Brother Sa very anxious these days, eat something first.”

Liu Hui and Yang Chonghui had also learned from the others and addressed him as Brother Sa. Although Xiao Sa’s fury that day had really frightened them, they had no choice but to follow everyone. Over the course of the past few days, they realized that Xiao Sa was not actually so terrible, and what happened that night should have been because he was angry and anxious.Bai Jing falling into a coma had scared him, causing him to lose all reason…

Bai Jing kept quiet, and obediently ate his meal. He hated it the most when Xiao Sa was like this; he was so difficult to understand. Just now, Xiao Sao had taken advantage of him, but now he had changed attitudes and refused to acknowledge him.

Say, should those two things even be mixed up together?

Bai Jing ate quickly, and Xiao Sa only said, “Come with me.” Before leaving so quickly everyone could only see the shadow of his figure.

Bai Jing hesitated and dragged his feet, but this time, nobody accompanied him to chat as they all settled in to find joy in others’ misfortune, Even Wang Xuebing, who had always been worried about the two of them being alone together, did not say a word. The Young Master really should be disciplined. On that day, even he had been frightened, and although he also wanted say a few words of rebuke, he knew very well that he himself had also been somewhat at fault and was in no position to scold others. The Young Master’s behaviour could only be left to Xiao Sa to tidy up.

What happened a few days ago had had a great impact on him. Although Cao Lei had tried to conceal it, when Wang Xuebing arrived at the base, he could still see the broken walls, bloodstains, smoke and dust left by explosions. How could he not guess what had occurred? He felt grief, but he also could not be angry. He knew that the kindness he had shown was only because his bottom line had not been touched. In a moment of crisis, he would also be selfish and only worry about the people he cared about.

He had not thought that a moment of kindness would cause so much trouble. In fact, he was not really kind. If he was kind, he would not have prevented the Young Master from killing her even though he knew that the woman was going to die. He had only wanted to make sure that she would not die before his eyes so that he could give himself a false sense of comfort. Wang Xuebing mocked himself for being hypocritical. When he saw the Young Master smeared with blood, he regretted it, and in that moment, he really wanted to commit murder.

Bai Jing followed Xiao Sa and entered the room. “Bang!” Xiao Sa closed the door loudly, and then turned around to look at him calmly. “You tell me, how should I punish you?”

Bai Jing stilled, eyes round as he stared at Xiao Sa. He had originally thought that Xiao Sa would be angry and lose his temper, and perhaps scold him a bit. In any case, the matter had already passed, and he would not lose anything by being scolded. But now, what kind of situation was this?

“Based on what?” Bai Jing stopped playing along. Don’t expect him to be ashamed for long. Besides, he hadn’t done it on purpose.

Xiao Sa’s face turned black. He grabbed his hand, turned around and pressed him down as he slapped him directly on his ass. “You ask me based on what? How could you do such dangerous things, do you know how terrifying it was?”

Bai Jing was shocked silly. No way, he had just been spanked! Although his clothes were thick, and it didn’t hurt, it was still very humiliating.

In fact, Xiao Sa had wanted to do this for a long time. “Pa!” “Pa!” Two more smacks landed.

Bai Jing came back to his senses and immediately exploded. “Bastard, Xiao Sa, let me go! I just knew that you weren’t a good person. Damned pervert, damned fag—“

Xiao Sa’s expression sank. His deep eyes darkened and his voice was cold, without any inflection as he demanded, “What did you say?”

Bai Jing had no backbone left. As soon as he heard Xiao Sa’s words, his momentum just faded away. He knew had made a mistake, and could only weakly protest, “I… I didn’t mean it. Why did you hit me? It’s so shameful.”

“Damned fag? Hm?” Xiao Sa’s heart was full of anger. He had not expected that he would get such an evaluation after digging out his heart and lungs for this person.

Bai Jing laughed awkwardly. In his previous life, he had often scolded Xiao Sa like this, and it had slipped out in a moment of carelessness. He choked for a moment, his cheeks flushed as he saw that Xiao Sa’s temper was about to really explode. He dryly spat out, “I am, too.”

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