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Chapter 56

The corpses around the car rushed over and began to slam against the car doors.

In the walkie-talkie, Liu Wei’s swearing could be heard: “Lao Tzu is going to go fight with them.”

Following that, the sound of a violent tussle came through. Xie Minhang’s cold shout could be heard: “Shut up, don’t open the window, do you want to drag everyone with you?”

Time was becoming more and more pressing; the car’s frame had already become misshapen and dented. Qin Hao’s eyes were wide. He watched fixedly as the zombies rushed over in large numbers, his heart almost jumping out of his chest in anxiety.

Yang Chonghui and Liu Hui were pale, holding hands with their fingers tightly intertwined, sad and solemn expressions on their face as though they were determined to face their life or death together.

“Iron and steel, gasoline, guns, quickly! Cao Lei, prepare to use fire. The others will shoot.” Xiao Sa’s words were urgent, and as soon as he finished, he flipped nimbly and landed on the roof of the car.

Bai Jing hurriedly threw him a submachine gun, and Xiao Sa caught it smoothly.

Then there was a loud clanging noise, and a large quantity of iron and steel appeared on the roadside. These had been picked up from the county town this morning, and there was enough piled up to fill several rooms. They were stacked to create a line over 30 meters long, and there was more than enough to completely block the road. But, Bai Jing knew that steel alone definitely would not stop the zombie onslaught. Fortunately, this was a rural area, and this was a small road with mountains on both sides. Otherwise, it would have been useless even if they had managed a blockade.

Wang Xuebing unhesitatingly pulled open a cupboard from under the bed that was neatly filled with rows of arms and ammunition, took out several powerful grenades and quickly climbed to the window – fire!

“Boom!” There was the sound of explosions in the distance. Although it could not stop the zombies, it would delay them.

Qin Hao and Xu Lei were unwilling to fall behind. They knew that they were not accurate with guns, and so they followed Wang Xuebing’s example and brought out grenade guns. They did not concern themselves over accuracy; they shot towards the pile of zombies as every zombie they managed to kill with their explosions counted.

Yang Chonghui and Liu Hui exchanged glances, stunned. When they recovered, they immediately followed the others’ example, picking up guns only to discover that as ordinary people, they had only seen these kind of things on TV.

Bai Jing had leaned halfway out of the car, and was about to climb onto the roof when he noticed their situation. He pointed to the drawer to the right under the bed. “You are a wind power user. There are grenades there. Just throw them as hard as you can.”

Yang Chonghui clicked his tongue in admiration. He finally understood the real implication behind their connections to the underworld. Cao Lei demonstrated it to him once, and gave a simple explanation. As men, they all had a dream in their hearts of being heroic, and it was impossible for their blood not to boil when they had weapons in their hands. Yang Chonghui’s movements were not slow as he held the hand grenades, used wind power, and threw them to the places where most of the zombies were concentrated. Listening to the sounds of explosions, he couldn’t help but rejoice, thinking that they would be able to escape this disaster…

“Boom!” “Boom!” The noises from the back were loud enough to shake the heavens, sparks were flying in all directions, and the sky was full of dust and smoke.

Bai Jing and Cao Lei flipped onto the roof of the car one after the other. Both of them were very accurate with their guns, and basically every shot took down a zombie, until they had cleaned out everything besides a few level one zombies. Only, that was not enough.

A first-class zombie jumped quick as lightning onto the third car, aiming at the lively people who were standing outside.

“Bang! Bang! ” Two shots in a row were dodged by the zombie and missed.

“He’s a wind power user.” Bai Jing’s expression turned ugly.

There was a level one zombie attacking in the lead, followed by ordinary zombies. They were killing and chopping with no end in sight. For every zombie they killed, another rushed up to take its place. Even if they cut off their arms, or broke their legs, they dragged their broken bodies and continued to move forward. They could not continue like this for long; when the level one zombies charged forward and the zombies drowned the vehicles, they would all be dead.

“Quick, gasoline.” Xiao Sa roared loudly. The steel lying on the roadside rose into the sky and hovered over the last car, right where the gap between the two mountains was the narrowest.

Bai Jing tacitly understood his meaning, and quickly threw out dozens of barrels of gasoline, which landed behind the steel. Bullets shot through the barrels and the gasoline instantly coated the area.

“Ignite!” Xiao Sa shouted. Cao Lei did not hesitate, and used his fire ability to cover the area.

“Boom!”  Just as the raging fire broke out, the steel fell to the ground with a loud noise and separated them from the sea of fire.

They had no time to even breathe a sigh of relief before the first level one zombie jumped over, sharp nails scratching long marks on the car.

“Change to guns and go all-out to shoot.” Xiao Sa ordered calmly.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei naturally knew what to do. Although they wanted to fire a grenade gun to wipe everything out, they were too powerful and it would be easy to hurt others by mistake. This was also why Xiao Sa had not used a grenade gun to light the fire but rather had Cao Lei do it instead.

The level one zombies leaped over quickly, and a wind blade followed soon after.

Cao Lei quickly built a fire shield, but the car shook; it had still taken a hit.

“Back into the car.” Xiao Sa guarded Bai Jing, and nails flew out in rows.

Wang Xuebing, Xu Lei, Qin Hao and others kept shooting with their guns. The car that was behind them also opened their windows and bullets came flying out.

Yang Chonghui made full use of his wind powers for fear of being underestimated. From just now, he could tell that this was a group of strong men. He had originally thought that he was bound to die when he saw thousands of zombies, and had not expected to find a way out. In order to follow them and join the group, Yang Chonghui knew that he had to display his own value.

Under the cover that was provided by the others, the three men quickly returned to the car. Bai Jing looked at the level one zombies, and a light flashed through his eyes: “I don’t believe they can escape if we take them down one by one.”

Everyone heard him, and immediately began to shoot in all directions. The zombie that had been in front dodged left and right as it rushed forward; even though it was fierce and was able to dodge in time, in the face of a swarm of bullets, there could only be one ending.

As the brains of the first level one zombie was shot to bits, the shooting became more intense, as though everyone had suddenly gotten pumped up.

After the first two zombies in the front were dealt with, the third car opened its window, and a submachine gun kept shooting towards the back. It was as if everyone was full of energy and trying to get rid of their depression.

As one zombie after another fell to the ground, the cars began to move away. A cold light flashed in Bai Jing’s eyes. That was not what he had wanted to happen. Since there were ability users nearby, it was imperative that Xiao Sa’s powers be levelled up.

“I’ll be right back.” Bai Jing jumped out of the car unhesitatingly and went straight towards the zombies on the ground.

Xiao Sa’s face was livid. It had not been so ugly even when he was facing the zombies. He was both angry and anxious, and had only been able to grasp the corner of Bai Jing’s clothing before he opened the door and jumped down.

“You guys provide cover.” The command was given coldly. Xue Sa’s body was giving off a chilling aura, and he was still uneasy, opening the door to follow after Bai Jing.

Regardless of the bullets raining down outside, Bai Jing did not worry about being injured by mistake. He quickly arrived next to the corpse and dug out the crystal nucleus. As he took a step back and was about to go to the next target, he turned his head and met with a blue-and-black face: “Why are you here?”

“You tell me why I’m here.” Xiao Sa was gnashing his teeth as he spoke, hatefully glaring at the person in front of him. If it were not for the fact that the situation did not allow it, he would have liked to spank his butt. Was the crystal nucleus as important as his life? The sea of fire behind them had only been temporarily held back. The steel barrier would be broken through before long, and the zombies would once again rush over. How could he be so careless about danger?

Xiao Sa’s words were fierce, but Bai Jing was not afraid at all. Rather, his heart felt sweet, and he directly ordered: “Then come and help, we need to hurry up.”

Xiao Sa was so angry he did not want to look at him, but he also couldn’t let it go. He endured helplessly, and hurried to help collect the crystal nuclei. He knew that in order for Little Jing to obediently go back, they would need to achieve his goal. How did he come to like such a wayward thing? He spoke in irritation: “Don’t move, I’ll go.”

Bai Jing laughed and did not refuse, directly taking out his gun to provide cover. Xiao Sa was fast, and was protected by his ability. His movements were more crisp and decisive than Bai Jing’s.

By this time, seven of the twelve level one zombies had been wiped out. Except Xie Minhang and Liu Wei who were injured, the rest of them were all fine.

They watched as the eighth zombie was wiped out.

“Boom—“ A loud bang came from the front. It seemed like there was a landslide from the mountains as countless huge stones rolled down from the mountain and blocked the road. If they had left even half a step faster, they would probably have been buried under the rocks together with the zombies. This plan to kill two birds with one stone was very cruel.

All the vehicles stopped, Qin Yi saw an opportunity, angrily slammed his hands against the steering wheel, got off in a hurry and shot an ice arrow at one of the zombies in the rear. Yang Chonghui and Liu Hui quickly caught up and followed suit. The ability users had no time to think too much as they quickly tangled with the zombies. With the eighth zombie eliminated, there were four of them left. Liu Hua and Xu Xiaobo also developed powers, and with four people dealing with each zombie, it was enough to handle the zombies with ease.

The others stood by anxiously with their guns, angrily watching the front. They were not snipers, and although they wanted to shoot, they were afraid of hurting their own people. They had heard the sound of explosions, and at this moment, there was nobody who had not understood that today’s events were all man-made. Zombies could not use explosives.

“Quickly finish the fight.” Xiao Sa ordered, and then also joined the battle.

Bai Jing’s gaze was cold, eyes slightly hooded. The situation had been urgent just now, and he had actually forgotten that all their current actions were being observed by others…

He flipped over and climbed on top of the car. Looking far ahead, the road was completely blocked. Fortunately, it was not a bridge. Although the cars couldn’t pass on the road, it was still possible to take a detour as long as they could escape the pursuit of the zombies still behind the fire.

“Brother Sa, what should we do now?”

Three of the level one zombies had been exterminated. It was like Xiao Sa was the backbone of the team; everyone looked over.

“Climb the mountain.” Xiao Sa looked indifferently towards the front. Even if this was the only way, and everyone also had the same thought, that single cold sentence coming from his mouth seemed to diffuse the tension and reassure them.

“Zombies are coming.” Xu Xiaobo shouted, and they saw that from within the distant sea of fire came a blackened figure that was still on fire and emitting a strong smell of rot. Its whole body was still emitting black smoke, and the tireless body seemed somewhat dulled by the burning fire.


Bai Jing fired his gun, hitting the target perfectly. Xiao Sa glanced around him; Xu Xiaobo realized what he wanted and rushed forward to get the crystal nucleus. When it reached his hand, it was still hot to the touch.

“Put the cars away, bring Yu Yue, and retreat quickly.” Even before Xu Xiaobo came back, Xiao Sa had already given orders and grabbed on tightly to Bai Jing. After spending so long with him, he was too familiar with Little Jing’s temperament, and was worried that this fellow would be greedy.

Facts had proved that Xiao Sa’s worries were not unreasonable. Bai Jing had just collected the cars into his space when another zombie ran out. For it to break through the sea of fire proved that the zombie was very strong. Bai Jing looked at them, and the first thing he thought about was the crystal nucleus. Now that there were level one power users, their ranks also needed to be strengthened, and today’s matter would absolutely not end here. Since someone had the nerve to plot against them, they must then have the courage to bear the consequences!

老子 – Lao Tzu, coarse way of referring to oneself. Kinda like “your daddy”

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

so i’ve thought about it a bit, and will begin to accept sponsored chapters via ko-fi. don’t worry – the promised updating schedule of at least one chapter a week will not change (and extra chapters might still happen randomly whenever i have too many chapters stockpiled), but this there is a clear ‘reward’ for those of you who have expressed your appreciation.

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