Strengthen Your Second Language and get Benefits in Return!

EDIT: Japanese and Korean translators are accepted too 🙂 just shoot us an email.

Hey there! We’re looking to make ISO a more educational site by having it as a learning platform to strengthen and test your second language while making some pocket change at the same time. How it works is you take a basic translating test (check out our recruitment page!) and if you pass, you can pick up and translate one of our novels. Your Chinese does NOT have to be 100% fluent but make sure you have a good understanding (at least primary school level).

In groups of 2-3, you will be translating however much you want, and you have the option to opt in or out whenever you wish. You will be paid by ad revenue at standard rate. However, if your Chinese is not up to par, you’ll be offered a training program where you translate with feedback from a senior translator until judged fluent enough (1-2 months). After you’ve been translating for a long time at decent quality, you can start your own novel and be paid at our standard monthly revenue rate.  Must be 14+.

Why Translate?

  • Earn pocket change paid through Paypal.
  • Looks great as an extra curricular activity for university applications.
  • Strengthen your second language.
  • Resume builder.
  • Get network and connections from people all over the world.
  • Form strong relationships with people in your age group (I’ve personally become close friends with many translators IRL).
  • It’s fun!

To apply, translate the following paragraph and email us at [email protected]






Strengthen Your Second Language and get Benefits in Return!
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