This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 46 – 47

We are getting nearer to the VIP locked chapters … _(;3/
I’m a bit saddened that the VIP chapters are all in image format, calligraphy font style _(;3/

#HowToReadAh ?!

Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Translator : IAmABanana

18 Replies to “This way of transmigration is definitely wrong! Chapter 46 – 47”

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the suggestion. I’m planning to use the same. But I found chapters that are corrupted and keep repeating the previous chapter’s content.

    1. Type it out? ^^;;
      This banana is a banana ah, it means I’m not actually Chinese-literated although I’m Chinese _(;3/

      I can speak and listen a bit, but I can’t read and write _(;3/

      1. Right, but there are keyboards or online apps that can type characters. Do you have a character dictionary?

        I used a keyboard program and dictionary for when I was studying Japanese.

        1. You mean you want me to eyeball 3k Chinese characters ? ^^;;
          I would have to copy stroke by stroke just to recognise one character ah.
          Somemore the font is calligraphy.

          1. You never paid attention to the characters previously used?

            …well…*shrugs* I guess you need to find someone who can read it?

          2. No, I don’t exactly learn fast enough if that’s what you mean. I barely have enough time to translate.

            Possible option but where do you get someone to sit with you and read 3k chapters for like a hundred something chapters?

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