3 thoughts on “Wild Malicious Consort Chapter 29

  1. joun

    i give up. i dont enjoy reading this serie anymore. i can understand why you have to do it but frannkly its just torture to me. i am french and so sometimes i struggle with it.

  2. John Buckingham

    3 chapters in a row that I cannot read. Looks like it was written by a dyslexic person. Do you even have an editor or spell check? Pity, because I like what I have read before it went to pot.

    1. ChickenBakuba

      Seriously, I don’t mean any offense but it baffles me when literate people cannot read. The lines of text are put there to prevent bots from copying chapters. The actual links are linked at the top of the post. How do you guys even think that the garbled text is the chapter?


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