The Fierce Illegitimate Miss Chapter 12

2 thoughts on “The Fierce Illegitimate Miss Chapter 12

  1. Does this website have a fetish for just picking up random novels, translating a few chapters, and then dropping it? I see the group name all over Novel Updates on dropped novels, with their group name being the last like 3 to 6 chapters randomly being translated.

    Please pick a few novels and stick with them, or don’t bother at all. It’s really annoying to see this, and may take away from others who would be considering to translate more seriously.

    1. Hmm, I think you might want to worry about yourself before you start worrying about us. Or maybe you just like to pretend to be illiterate when you’re perfectly capable of reading? I’m so sorry for your selectiveness blindness, I really hope you find a way to cure it. Maybe growing up some will help?

      I recall emphasizing several times, on both the chapters of this novel and NUF, that I had no intentions of picking up this novel and was only posting for the sake of —for the lack of a better word— charity.

      Also, please do learn to open your eyes. We have novels that we regularly update on this website. However, I won’t blame you for not noticing since you do seem quite narrow-minded. This isn’t the first comment you left, after all, you don’t seem to have picked up your IQ or creativity since your last comment.

      Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be moving on, and I hope you do too. I haven’t seen “readers” like you in a while, it was nice meeting you.

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