DGM dropped

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We all saw this coming a mile away. DMCA notice hasn’t been sent but I want to play safe and avoid it at all costs. (I mean, which translator wants hours of effort put to waste?)

Been a nice trip and stuff. I became somewhat good at translating after chapter 50 onwards when I started to abandon the style of translating so stiffly and keeping the translations as close to the original. I was planning to ‘upgrade’ my translating again after I got new ideas from a random Wuxiaworld translator. His translations were top quality and I was kinda inspired by it. Too bad this novel’s dropped.

I might pick up a novel or two in the future. You can list down any novels you recommend. (No Yaoi welcome. Danmei begone. Yuri/GL is more than welcome though) I won’t be picking up translations anytime soon though, because I have studies to deal with


-ChickenBakuba, translator of DGM