DGM dropped

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We all saw this coming a mile away. DMCA notice hasn’t been sent but I want to play safe and avoid it at all costs. (I mean, which translator wants hours of effort put to waste?)

Been a nice trip and stuff. I became somewhat good at translating after chapter 50 onwards when I started to abandon the style of translating so stiffly and keeping the translations as close to the original. I was planning to ‘upgrade’ my translating again after I got new ideas from a random Wuxiaworld translator. His translations were top quality and I was kinda inspired by it. Too bad this novel’s dropped.

I might pick up a novel or two in the future. You can list down any novels you recommend. (No Yaoi welcome. Danmei begone. Yuri/GL is more than welcome though) I won’t be picking up translations anytime soon though, because I have studies to deal with


-ChickenBakuba, translator of DGM

6 thoughts on “DGM dropped

  1. Farz

    Thank you for the hard work.
    but, why not join qidian and get formal authorization of the title. ??

  2. shelwyn

    Ypu shpuld Probabaly keep the time left over to yourself. Once you start to tire of your current translations ypu can add a nrw one to spice up life again lol

  3. Rakdos

    Thanks for the hard work. If i may, I hope you could pick up Instant Kill since it’s updated like once a month. Or maybe the Mad Cultivator since it seems interesting.


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