What’s going on with the Isohungry site?

Vin here. I guess I’m the official techie for ISO, so here’s the situation:

Why does the website look off?

Previously, Kiki said that the site is under a maintenance, but the site was actually accidentally deleted yesterday (02/9 EST) so yes, she had to painstakingly redo everything. Since most of the original website design and CSS were done by me and I was busy with an essay, I didn’t notice until today (02/10 EST). Neither of us expected this to happen, and while Kiki did do a backup using a plugin, the plugin was deleted with the website, so that was in vain. I didn’t save the CSS anywhere either, so there are still quite a few visual aspects that I haven’t gotten to fixing yet.

Why are the links missing?

Well, the website was deleted, so while the “links” are still showing on Novel Updates, they’ll simply lead toΒ Page Not Found. Kiki is currently working hard to copy and paste the chapters from (ironically) aggregator sites. Bewitching Prince alone has near 400 chapters, and ISO has quite a few other novels too, soΒ pleaseΒ be patient.

How long will it take to restore everything?

There’s no “restore” button so we’re both redoing everything from scratch. Some new technical problems arose, and I’m working my way through them, and Kiki is getting the chapters up. We hope to have everything back to normal by tomorrow, but chances are, it’ll take an extra day or two.


Note From Kiki: To read the chapters, you can go to the table of contents to find the links. Later, I’ll try contacting NU to see if we can get the links change or create redirects if necessary. Sorry again.

12 thoughts on “What’s going on with the Isohungry site?”

  • oh my god! that would be so much work even just manually adding chapters back. 😯 but still, thanks so much for still keeping up and running the site! it’s hard on you guys. and again, thanks for the hard work and this update!

  • I am so sorry to hear what happended, mostly for you and all your hard work.
    At this point I want to say “Thank you so much! Thank you for not giving up and also thank you for reuploading everything again that was lost.” I really appreciate all the time, effort and work you put into this site.

  • Ahh I wondered what was going on
    So sorry you have to do all this!
    Every Chapter of Captivating Prince after chap 10 just leads back to 10

  • That’s terrible!! And so much work for you guys πŸ™ Just take your time and don’t feel pressured or things will just keep getting tangled. I don’t think there are unreasonable people in your readership. Good luck with the redo. I wish I could help you somehow :/

  • So sorry you guys have to so much work. Is the length of Bewitching Prince why it’s not been restored at all? I must confess to a bit of a panic when it wasn’t listed with the other ongoing projects. I was ridiculously revlieved to have it mentioned in you post. I was starting to question if i had bookmarked the wrong site πŸ˜… Good luck rebuilding the site!

  • So that’s what happened. (@_@) Please do your best to restore the website. I really love your translations and I don’t want to see it end so soon. You can do it! Fighting!!

  • To my dearest Kiki and Vin,
    Ahh no wonder~ was confused as to why the web pages were not found and all.
    But no worries, take your time fixing and prepping the site. I am just relieved that the site is not gone permanently πŸ˜€
    Hurhur ganbatte ne!!~ Your loyal site stalker will always be cheering you on (γƒŽγƒ»Ο‰γƒ»)γƒŽ

  • I’m sorry to hear ISO had such an unfortunate event. All the best with setting up the site again. Don’t tire yourself out too much and I’m sure we fans can wait a few more days. So don’t worry about rushing through it, enjoy your weekend 😊

  • 😡😡😡😡 so sad sorry that you have to redo everything over. 😲😲😲 hope the best for u guys 😘😘

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