Chapter 52 Part 2

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The flame in Silver Flame Wolf’s body very quickly burned the vines that bound it, afterwards it once again rushed towards Li Luo and Elvis’ direction with aggressive momentum.

Each step it took would cause the ground to tremble unceasingly, then the Silver Flame Wolf opened its huge mouth, and spewed out a burning hot flame, that rushed toward Elvis.

Elvis summoned a water dragon to fight the flame that Silver Flame Wolf spewed out, but the water dragon was quickly trampled and torn into shreds. The violence in the Silver Flame Wolf’s eyes became even more intense, its silver pupils seemed to be covered with a thin layer of blood mist, which was extremely cruel and frightening, the Silver Flame Wolf swept its long tail into the ground at the speed like lightning, making the grass on the ground burn yellow and wither, as it whirled around.

Elvis had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, and Li Luo changed into beast form, he walked to the front of Elvis with nimble movements, then rushed to the Silver Flame Wolf. Elvis’ pupils shrank, his face was pale as he shouted to Li Luo, “Ludwig, come back!”

Li Luo let out a “meow” sound, but did not turn around, his speed became faster as he rushed toward the Silver Flame Wolf, with his claw tips glistening in silver light, even if he couldn’t defeat the Silver Flame Wolf, at least he would wound a layer of its flesh.

The Silver Flame Wolf roared angrily, and lifted its front claw, before mercilessly swinging it at Li Luo.

Li Luo evaded the danger, after he landed on the ground, his figure flashed, and once again attacked the Silver Flame Wolf.

Elvis’ heart accelerated in anxiousness, he also rushed toward the Silver Flame Wolf with the magic stuff in one of his hands, while his mouth continuously muttered something, along with his lips opened and closed, there were green vines constantly obstructing the Silver Flame Wolf’s movements. However, his magic power was limited after all, when he battled against Gardam before, it had consumed half of his magic power, and now he had encountered a Silver Flame Wolf which was very difficult to defeat, Elvis didn’t know how long he could hold on.

Li Luo’s long great effort, only left a more than ten centimeters wound on the Silver Flame Wolf’s face. The furious magical beast once again swung its leg in his direction, making him fall heavily onto the ground and roll a few times before he stopped.

When Elvis saw the Silver Flame Wolf lift its foot to stamp Li Luo, he immediately released a water dragon and a flame dragon to block it, before he quickly rushed toward Li Luo, picking Li Luo up, and holding him within his bosom. The Silver Flame Wolf roaring loudly, before quickly shredding the water dragon and the flame dragon into shreds, then swinging its huge wolf claws at Elvis’ back. Elvis only felt a pang of pain coming from his back, before he immediately felt a sweet taste in his throat, and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

When Elvis’ blood splashed on Li Luo’s face and fur, Li Luo felt his heart clench in pain. Even though he was also swat by its claw, but he was in the air, and he had already convert his body several times, the Silver Flame Wolf only injured a bit of his skin, and even if he fell onto the ground heavily, he had rolled a few times in order to reduce the impact, the pain from it was nothing after a while.

However Elvis was different, it directly hit him ruthlessly, “Elvis, are you okay?”

Elvis wanted to answer, but felt his vision turned black, he instinctively pushed Li Luo out from his bosom, “Go away quickly.” As long as Li Luo could leave safely, it didn’t matter what happened at him.

Li Luo watched Elvis’ eyes slowly close, seeming to have already fainted, but there was the Silver Flame Wolf who raised its four limbs and rushed towards them. He couldn’t leave Elvis alone, and anxiously paced in a circle, before his mind suddenly flashed an idea, he immediately closed his eyes and searched for the skill that could let them escape in his mind.

Then Li Luo opened his eyes and looked at the Silver Flame Wolf that rushed toward him and Elvis, then said loudly in a moment of desperation, “You…you will faint after being smashed by a stone that fell abruptly from the sky.”

Since he couldn’t say that it was going to die, so it would be alright if he said it was smashed into faint, right? He didn’t know that this skill would be very useful.

In the next second after his voice fell, the Silver Flame Wolf suddenly felt the sky above its head seemed to become dark, the magical beast stopped its footsteps and looked up in confusion, but immediately saw a huge rock advancing towards the top of its head and slamming it down.

The Silver Flame Wolf: “……” Stunned.

Then it reacted quickly, and wanted to avoid it, but it didn’t know why it couldn’t move, and could only helplessly watch the boulder hit its head, the Silver Flame Wolf felt dizzy in its head, as its eyesight turned dark, the magical beast fell on the ground, still didn’t know anything.

Really…really useful.

Li Luo was speechless as he looked at the huge magical beast who fainted with spinning eyes on the ground, and then withdrew his line of sight, no matter what, they needed to run away now!

Li Luo immediately changed into human form, and put on clothes. He supported Elvis up from the ground, before instantly leaving at a fast speed.

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  1. hey hey what happened to corpses? Are you going to leave them there. I think there will be trouble take them with you (; ̄д ̄) thanks for the chapter

  2. I’ve been meaning to say for a long time this whole arc reminds me of kingdom hearts I just keep getting reminded here and there, I mean in the beginning of the arc I was like “Ventus is that you?” with Elvis. Then there’s the whole clan being called Roxis I need to stop. I think this every time I read it which just gets me in the mood to play kingdom hearts after reading a chapter QQ.

  3. Hn, sounds like an author’s cheat :3 tbh idek if I remember whether I’m remembering the right backstory or not… At this point everything is all jumbled up in my mind ahah… Thank for the updates~~ really love little Li Luo AHAH ??

    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      It was common to cast a spell which formed a boulder from the thin air at the magic world, but Li Luo spell, hehe, really unique ^-^

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